India is the most beautiful place in the ancient lake Dahl floating boathouse tourism Sohu

India is the most beautiful place in the ancient lake Dahl floating boat house – Sohu tourism in the south of Himalaya Range, one known as "Oriental Switzerland" in the small town of India (Srinagar), and here in Tibet, there is a very high altitude, in an unbroken line of snow capped mountains, holy magnificent scenery of the plateau. Each year the Himalaya Range snow melt, snow water flowed into the hearts of the people of the India Lake Lake Dahl. Dahl lake is India land Shanghai highest lake is located in northern India, Kashmir (Kashmir) (Srinagar) in the summer capital of the city. Dahl in the lake as the most important natural resources and tourism resources, known as "the Pearl on the crown of kashmir". Dahl lake, covering an area of 18 square kilometers, is the people in the fish store. When the summer tourist season, up to 16 kilometers of shoreline around the beautiful scenery of the mountains as one falls, another rises. I arrived here at the beginning of the winter, the temperature is low to zero, the lake level as a mirror, plus evening mist, lake island tree, a boat from afar, constitute a hazy and beautiful watercolor. At dusk, the setting sun in the west is like an orange moon. This moment。 The boat traveling in the quiet water, mountains and waters partly hidden and partly visible into one, don’t know where is the lake, where is the mountain, and the mist is making this charming artistic hero. Dahl on the lake there are many boats on the water called House Hostel, there is a boat on the roof above the platform, seat and cover, people sitting on top, the panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. According to the difference of area and equipment, the boat house is divided into several grades, which is provided by the Government Tourism Bureau, which provides the service for three meals a day. Advanced craft house has two floors, the average length of about one hundred feet; ten feet wide and twenty feet, with the Vitoria times style and luxurious equipment for comfort, two living room, dining room, garden balcony and seven or eight bedroom house boats, each bedroom has a double bed, and telephone the bathroom, all the furniture is made of the famous walnut wood carving, the ground was still carpeted. Second, the boat house, but also a very good western style equipment. Each boat house has its own name, such as Hollywood, emperor, lucky and Appollo. Tourists from the boat house, by boat shuttle. Where the water market is very special, rowing boats to tourists followed traders. The legend of the Vitoria period, the Europeans think long lived here, even when they live under the government of India will not go, so they are only allowed to live in the boat and life, so the ship’s facilities and land are the same, everything is complete, the formation of the current boathouse, the Europeans had not living here, leave the boat for tourism development. There are many uses of the boat house, which can be a special hotel for tourists, a shop for sale of Kashmiri crafts, or a fancy restaurant. From afar, the boat house lined up neatly in a row upon row of Lake Dahl is like a soldier, waiting for inspection. In this Dahl lake!相关的主题文章: