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  in this Chinese relationship; the worst is Jane Zhang? People’s Entertainment Channel – People’s original title: this Chinese style relationship, the most painful is Jane Zhang? From Jane Zhang to marry him, Feng Ke to marry him, the ups and downs in the public memory, this is the husband of early, not what a minor. Unexpectedly, the two foot has just announced plans to go to Italy to get married, after Zhang mother wrote a few thousand words on the handwritten letter "I don’t want to let her daughter go wrong", also commissioned by the national Scout Zhuo Wei on behalf of. A mother carrying sex and money, will be included in the ranks of men — Feng Ke slag in marriage and Jane Zhang exchanges; the use of equity changes, deprived of her daughter property. And so on, the reason for "good for you", the tone revealed a strong sense of anxiety. Later, Feng Ke micro-blog responded; Jane Zhang tears conference site; follow up the lawyer statement; the insider has exposed the feelings of the two suspected details a mistress, etc.. Let the original is not optimistic about the feelings of friends, more worried about Jane Zhang’s marriage. Daughter’s home, the most concerned about is, of course, when the mother, let alone a single mother. But her daughter to marry, but her mother is from the media to know the news, sad, there are objections, of course, can. However, this should belong to the privacy of personal privacy category. (about right and wrong, Jane Zhang Feng Ke’s 14 years of micro signal "show a" deep grilled) Jane Zhang and her daughter a tear, naturally attracted much attention, not to mention the dolphin princess also cried to the afternoon concert conference, let the conspiracy theorists have to do a lot of speculation. Life, the two generation of marriage and the situation is not a lot of fighting. Think about the new China before the establishment of a variety of newspapers, including the lustrous and dazzling advertisements, love love love to two generation well off. As with Zhang Xueliang’s Miss Zhao Si, old man Zhao Qinghua face is not hanged, came a "expel family membership" statement. This is the Chinese type intergenerational relationship — is my son, if you insist on, get out of my home. Do not know whether Zhang mother thought that this letter will bring what break up affectionate couples daughter? When a variety of onlookers, after a variety of responses, the relationship between the mother and daughter will return to what kind of state. For Jane Zhang, the seven year itch, multiplied by two, and willing to get married, she would not because of a mother’s letter to the public, read the letter and give up Feng Ke? Feng Ke is the pushing hand of Jane Zhang. At least a few years ago, two people should have "partners", and then, between two people, some people. But for Jane Zhang, she relied on Feng Ke. Therefore, the marriage, is her choice – is an independent act of an adult. Mother privately interferes and also just, it belongs to a family of internal affairs. But for the public to, especially personal details, it would not be able to get the support of. However, the relationship between Chinese type in the family is often superior to the public life, we always have such a sound which is either a wall or in men and women, or children filial disrespect — looking for leadership"! If you start with a mother’s fear,相关的主题文章: