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In the first half of the performance of new technology face cause regulatory attention hot column capital flows thousands of thousand shares stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million, reporter Huang Qun Qiu Jiang, editor of the semi annual results caused by face height attention to the regulatory authorities. For the first half of the performance in the new technology on the decline, the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 6th issued a letter of inquiry has focused on the company’s operating income and net profit decline, to domestic sales atrophy, accounts receivable increase, sales expenses increased nearly doubled etc.. By the end of 2015 listed in the new technology semi annual report shows that this year, 1-6 months, the company operating income of 1 billion 522 million yuan, down by 13.36%, net profit of $10 million 65 thousand and 400, down by 79.40%. For net profit fell sharply this situation, the Shanghai stock exchange requires companies with sales of main products during the reporting period, including production, sales, sales prices, and an increase or decrease in the situation, reasons for the reporting period operating income and net profit decline in the price of the company’s products; combined with the industry situation, trend, reason report shows the company product price change and its rationality. From the sales point of view, the first half of the new technology in the domestic customer sales revenue of 501 million yuan, down by 49.35%; sales revenue to overseas customers was $1 billion 19 million, an increase of 33.30%. In contrast, the requirements of the exchange company "that expand the reporting period of overseas customers, and that the reporting period whether there is foreign clients bankruptcy liquidation, employees were on strike and affect the company’s sales revenue and achieve the smooth return of the"; "at the same time the report of the company within the business strategy, cause domestic customer orders down whether, with Haier, Changhong and other domestic customers on the company’s major adverse changes". In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is also concerned about a number of changes in the number of new financial indicators. For example, at the end of the reporting period in the new technology accounts receivable balance of 1 billion 141 million yuan, compared with the beginning balance of 878 million yuan increase greatly; the inventory amounted to 707 million yuan, compared with the beginning balance of 488 million yuan also rose greatly; the company prepayments ending balance of 123 million yuan, compared with the beginning balance of 82 million 357 thousand and 900 yuan of listed companies grew larger; after sales and administrative expenses grew rapidly; at the end of the reporting period, monetary funds totaling 364 million yuan, and the beginning of the period amounted to 810 million yuan. In view of the above changes in financial indicators, regulatory requirements of the new technology detailed description of the reasons for the changes and rationality. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: