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I heard NANA Lin Zhenna won the prize is the legendary "leggy Award" in the "Intro: Ba sister play legs", and digging out a "senior" play leg girl NANA! Yes, that is a few days ago in the Asian Star Awards ceremony, two bird legs shine girl, her sister Barbara has successfully attracted attention, then the following Ba sister to teach you how to get a high "bird leg"! (source: bazaar) NANA with "AAA", the first legs play winning second words "2016 Asian Star Award" attention, but the most stunning or women’s drama department award NANA! Talking about NANA, but her famous legs Yan beauty fairy Oh ~ please enjoy the NANA girl’s legs style, since her appearance, Barbara sister eyes cannot do without her long legs! In fact, long has been very enviable, but the fineness can cause jealousy! Such a high configuration, have you thought about it? And to say "AAA" festival but big gathering, the goddess everywhere, but NANA’s slender "bird legs" scored the film grace, had to let the girl’s sister brought Barbara legs down diary NANA legs very "cool" high profile NANA is a member of the goddess really is not the same, Afterschool and OrangeCaramel on, you are not wrong and across the two combinations of girls, Barbara sister than manual thumb! Daily street, long pants shorts can Hold live, leg length is no longer the only visible light, long and thin is the suction eye key! But I believe that not all of the legs, can be like NANA’s legs so thin very calm, dynamic swelling of the phenomenon of torture! Don’t be afraid, ‘sister to save you the "swollen legs star people"! Other people’s legs are long and thin Edema 1 reasons: excessive fatigue fatigue caused leg blood can not return, will cause leg edema, you must rest this time, lying is the best, let the blood circulation, leg swelling. Edema 2 reasons: heavy taste if you are "heavy taste" is also likely to cause lower body edema, which is due to excessive intake of nutrients leading to the emergence of nutritional disorders. So, to eat more light vegetables + fruits, and slowly adhere to effective oh! Edema 2 reasons: before going to bed drinking water before going to bed afraid to drink plenty of water? NONONO! When you sleep, the blood circulation system will be relatively slow, water retention in the micro blood vessels too late to drain out, and finally into the skin caused by swelling, but do more exercise after getting up, accelerate the drainage of the good. Do people with swollen legs star Get it, you are invincible! Step1: first stride, try their best to open the legs to the maximum, up and down activities so that the muscles of the legs tense up, alternating around 2 times, a total of 4 groups of each group of 15. Step2: open arms and shoulders with the width of the ground support, single leg to the first leg after the first stretch!相关的主题文章: