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The hole in the wine industry hundreds of brewers and brewing in the Ministry of human resources and social occupation skill qualification — food channel — 2016 annual Anhui hole wine winemaker, liquor brewing industry occupation skill training and identification work recently ended. The hole in the wine industry 280 trainees through theoretical examination and practical examination after obtaining occupation qualification certificate approved by the Ministry of human resources and social security. As a part of the human resources construction of Anhui hole wine year, the wine maker, liquor brewing industry occupation training and assessment work carried out in two phases, the theory of training stage, in August 8th the company invited Ji Keliang, a number of liquor industry experts on the production process, saccharification and fermentation agent and microbial liquor koji process, etc. the flavor liquor for teaching and communication; the qualification stage, September 23rd Chinese Wine Association winemaker, liquor brewing industry occupation skill appraisal test is carried out in the hole in the wine industry, wine hole 280 trainees participated in the theoretical examination and practical examination. Has always been adhering to the "true hidden cellar" concept of the wine industry, has always been committed to the "fragrant" brewing process of inheritance and development, with particular emphasis on the construction of talent echelon. The company has more than 10 out of the wine master and liquor tasting, three people to enjoy special government allowances, with middle and senior staff to reach hundreds of people, the national liquor expert committee of experts, four or five countries, six liquor evaluation committee, the first Chinese wine master, Cheung Kwok Keung led the team called luxury wine master wine hole: China liquor the craft master Xu Qinxiang was hired as the seventh session of the Eighth National Liquor, the judges; Li Zhiqiang, was appointed as China Brewing Industry Association of the 2010 national wine judges; Hu Wenji was appointed as the Eighth National Liquor judges; Tao Rui, was appointed as the 2015 national liquor tasting. The hole in the wine wine makers are constantly looking to the future, let the flavor Kouzijiao wine more fragrant and mellow. The past hole winemakers, making Suixi wine memories are the inheritance and innovation, to first-class quality Kouzijiao wine brewing, provides a powerful technical support. (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: