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Hunan TV New Year party   small small great power power a " back home; "? – the media – original title: small small great power power, a "back home"? Hunan TV’s New Year party this year, will return to Shenzhen after seven years. 2017 is just the Hunan TV star 20 anniversary, 20 years from the screen to go out of the big mango stars collective "return", with more than four hours of Marathon relay performances for the television audience to bring joy and blessing. From 2006 to 2009, Hunan satellite TV has four consecutive years to Shenzhen held a new year concert, during which the three super girl champion Angela An, Li Yuchun, Shang Wenjie, Zhang Jie and Sheenah appeared together across the years duet Shenqingxiangyong have left a deep impression on the audience. It has been over the past 7 years, Hunan satellite TV New Year concert again returned to Shenzhen, and had three consecutive years of the creation of Hunan TV new year peak viewing of the Chen Xinyu team, and made the "fresh" and "drop through Sunday 2014 lantern joy" program and the party Wang Tian team together to create the new year’s concert will. The return to "land" in Shenzhen, new year production team also invited to the Eurovision Song Contest stage design director, Celion of Las Vegas? Dion’s show guide team, "Tokyo eight minutes" virtual team together to create the international top level of the concert, the fusion of youth fashion elements will be a sense of the future, the sense of science and technology and Hunan TV depth. In addition to this year’s annual concert will come up with the best creative and audio-visual effects, the guest lineup also strive to meet all expectations of the audience. This coincides with the old club star 20 years old birthday, artists who returned home to the collective obligations. It is reported that Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, Yang Mi, Zhao Liying and Zheng Shuang have been invited to the youth idol. All out of Hunan TV music talent show idol strength will also come to the party and the audience together to greet the new year. According to the new year concert every year the team revealed that the "mysterious large coffee" has been basically established, as the highlight of the concert were singing will also have begun to actively prepare for a new year. According to reports, "we have come to the" the guest will be in the "Tokyo eight minutes" virtual team carefully crafted, showing a beautiful dance full of fantasy, in addition, Yang Mi, Yang Yang, Julian Cheung, Anita Yuen, Wei Daxun, Guo Xuefu and other guests will also be in the form of a combination of the stage, for the concert to add sweet breath. (commissioning editor Zhao Guangxia and Song Xinrui)相关的主题文章: