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HP sold the software business or private spend billions of dollars to offer before Tencent Francisco traditional IT giant HP has been split into "HP" and "HP" (HPE) the two companies, in order to avoid personal computer business business dragged down sunset. According to the British Reuters, HP company is also preparing to sell its software business, the selling price in 80 to $10 billion. Sources said, HPE and Private Equity Investment Firm Thoma Bravo acquisition negotiations. A few days ago, the source also said that the transfer of HPE software business transactions, invited the Goldman Sachs Group to do consultant, was already outside the $7 billion 500 million offer. Allegedly, there are a number of Private Equity Investment Firm and HPE have been contacted, but so far, the highest offer Thoma Bravo. The source also said that the two sides of the transaction for the valuation of the software business is still different, and therefore not necessarily be able to reach a deal. Other Private Equity Investment Firm intends to acquire HPE software business also includes Vista, TPG, Carlyle capital. At present, it seems that HPE is also possible to reach a deal with other companies, or Thoma Bravo is only part of the acquisition of the software business assets rather than all. By the end of last year, Hewlett-Packard Co officially completed the business spin off, personal computer business retained in the Hewlett-Packard Co, the company’s business restructuring as HP enterprise". This means that the founder of the 76 year old technology company HP. According to reports, after the completion of the split, is responsible for the leadership of HPE Whitman, ready to HPE’s business positioning in the network, storage, data centers and related services, while the software business is outside the center of gravity. Sources said that in the transfer of software business transactions, if a Private Equity Investment Firm has a software business, the possibility of a larger transaction. At present, Thoma Bravo has a number of software companies, including Dynatrace and Compuware, if it continues to buy the business of HP, if three business integration, which can reduce the cost, to obtain the cooperative effect. In 2015, HPE’s software business contributed $3 billion 600 million in revenue, down from $3 billion 900 million in 2014. The company said in the software market, corporate customers gradually turned to package monthly subscribers mode, which affects the company’s software business income. HP has long been a computer, server, printer and other personal hardware business known, but the company through several acquisitions of the software assets, such as 2006’s $4 billion 500 million acquisition of "Mercury Interactive". In 2011, HP also spent $10 billion 300 million acquisition of the British company Autonomy design software, but this transaction has become a huge market of global mergers and acquisitions scandal led to the subsequent "Autonomy fraud HP" lawsuit, which has become a serious flaw in HP’s management. In addition to the sale of software business, in July, the U.S. media also reported that the news, a number of Private Equity Investment Firm giants, plans to jointly acquire HPE, and let the company private!相关的主题文章: