How to customize the wardrobe to buy it-mide-031

How to customize the wardrobe to buy it? Buy a wardrobe is not practical utility will see we are not buying combination wardrobe ~ combination wardrobe and wardrobe into the wall, is the popular trend of modern bedroom furniture, not only broke the traditional wardrobe enough storage, more innovation, new functional layout of the same wardrobe, storage space and storage performance with very good. Now and small series to see how to choose a combination wardrobe?   first of all, we must first know the combination wardrobe is based on the size of the bedroom wall and the length of the positioning design as long as your bedroom area is enough, add a partition design can instantly enhance the grade into a cloakroom. Let’s look at a suitable for their own home portfolio, we have to consider what aspects? 1 suitable combination wardrobe, the need for a suitable location. Everyone in the design of combination wardrobe, also should consider reasonable wiring electric network, and also do not think that as long as the area in any combination of some wardrobe plate is the combination of wardrobe, this understanding is wrong, not only can not meet everyone in function, but also it is easy to damage, you will not be oh. 2 if the bedroom is to do the decoration of the ceiling, the purchase of a combination of wardrobe, but also consider a reasonable size of the closet height. The quality of the same combination wardrobe, the key is to see the edge of the wardrobe, remember when we choose to ask the wardrobe and closet edge, edge machine. Oh. 3 combined wardrobe placed in the bedroom, the size of the largest piece of furniture, it is the location of the direct impact on the overall layout of the bedroom space. The price for the cabinet, first ask clear calculation method of manufacturers, then ask the costs contained in the project, such as whether the cost (usually contains the drawer area algorithm are free of drawer cost projection area algorithm containing not included), whether it contains backplane costs. 4 small here suggest that you really love the combination of wardrobe, must choose the brand, brand cabinets, quality assurance, and some small companies with a few pieces of board at once, and can be used as a wardrobe to sell, so the manufacturers to find it out of the question, I am afraid it difficult. Finally, Xiaobian remind everyone to pay special attention to cooperation in the design of cabinet structure and door combination wardrobe Oh, now some businesses combined wardrobe door is also calculated, remember to ask at time of purchase.相关的主题文章: