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UnCategorized El Salvador is one of Central America’s smallest countries where the main attractions are its beaches. It is also one of Guatemala’s neighbors. What I learned about this tiny country is that even with all those beautiful beaches it doesn’t get as much credit as it should. Travelers regularly ignore it. That is why not long ago my husband and I decided it would be a great place to go to as a family vacation. We thought 5 days in that country would be perfect and allow us to relax and spend some quality time as a family. I did a lot of researching and asked some friends who have visited El Salvador and they all said that the drive from where I live to El Salvador could be done in around 4 hours so I planned everything around it. Some of the plans I did in regard of what time we would leave our house were based in the news that we have received about the gang problems in San Salvador. I knew that was an area I wanted to avoid at all costs. But there were two areas in this country that caught my eye and I really wanted to visit them. The first place we wanted to visit was the colonial, lakeside & beautiful town of Suchitoto. Then there was Playa Tunco – This is one of the many beautiful beaches of El Salvador. This is also paradise for surfers and people that want to learn how to surf. While we were here I took the chance to chill with my baby as my husband and my big boy took surfing lessons. The day to start our trip to El Salvador arrived so we all jumped in the car and got on the road. But we found out that it was a 4 hour road trip. We had already spent 5 hours in the car and we still hadn’t left Guatemala. We left the house on time but we ended up crossing the border after dark. I really wanted to avoid this and we still had to find Suchitoto. We spent a lot of time trying to find our destination, we asked at least 4 people for directions and none of them knew where it was. We had to give them a spot close to the colonial town. After that minor inconvenient the rest of our mini vacation to El Salvador went fantastic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: