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Credit card also forgot how to less interest   you are not thought to give money to the bank, distressed, financial planner a friend recently very sad, because she received a "scary" credit card bills, with the cycle of interest of nearly 1000 yuan! The friend usually party, but also often and small partners to share their financial methods. This can be good, 10 thousand yuan deposit for 1 years to save money by assistant interest, she suddenly lost! This is not an example, a lot of people in the process of using credit cards, unknowingly tipped the bank. It is not easy to save, how can financial drain? So, today a good financial planner to give you a good talk about the interest rate on credit cards. What is the interest rate? First, understand the meaning of this cycle of interest. Simply said that the credit card to the repayment date, there is no full repayment on time, resulting in interest. Arguably, the repayment date not timely repayment, the bank received little interest as it should be, who let us advance credit card spending, also blame only themselves to blame. But do you know? This calculation of interest is very scary, but if you do not pay attention to a little bit, credit damage, after the loan to buy a house would be more difficult. You have a friend recently to loans to buy second suites, have been with the bank credit personnel on the 3 into the first good pay, 10 percent off interest rate. To go when the loan process, found that two couples have overdue credit card records, the bank anyway to 5 down payment, interest rates do not discount. In this way, due to the credit problem, to pay more than 20% of the funds, but also bear some interest. Interest in the end how to calculate? In the specific calculation before, first of all say that one important thing: if you are in the repayment date before the repayment schedule, will not have any interest; but if you have no "time" and "full" when all your debt repayment, from your consumption began to generate interest, that is to say, this time you can’t enjoy the 25-55 days of interest free period of treatment. Look at an example: White Bill day is 1 days per month, due date of repayment for the month of 20 days. White in the March 1st credit card spending 10 thousand yuan, but until April 20th, white forget also, automatic deduction savings card only 5000 yuan, and 5000 yuan is not. The most important thing is that little white on all this did not pay attention, until May 1st to see the bill…… How much interest is there? Interest =10000 * * 0.05% *51 days (March 1st –4 months 20) + ($10000 -5000 yuan) * * * 10 days (=255+25=280, April 21st –4, 30). That is to say, if the credit card expires without payment in full, 10 thousand yuan white card spending from March 1st began to interest in accordance with the 5/10000 daily, even white in April 20th 5000 yuan. This situation is fairly good, if the savings card (not even the 1000 yuan is the minimum repayment amount), it may be necessary to effect the credit. Because, if the actual repayment is less than the minimum repayment amount.相关的主题文章: