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Astrology Previously, Horoscope matching was only confined to Manglik Dosha and Gun Milan. Now, the system of calculation has been changed and Scientific method is used for horoscope matching.Our horoscope has twelve houses and placement of Mars in 5 of these houses makes one a Mangalik. According to latest Horoscope matching system, it is more than just Gun Milan or Mangalik Dosh. For the purpose of Horoscope matching for marriage, the horoscopes should be matched on the following grounds. They are * Physical .patibility-If there is no physical attraction between two people,marriage cannot survive. For a successful marriage, the desire to want each other is very crucial. * Mental .patibility-Strong mental make up of a boy and a girl is analyzed.Their temper, behaviours,their interests and aptitude,their willingness to promote their married life and their affection for each other all these factors are taken care of, during horoscope matching. * Separative Tendencies-The horoscope is analyzed to figure out any kind of separative elements are present in the horoscope and also for any sign of divorce. * Nature Match-The horoscope is analyzed on the basis of their nature attributes. Here, .patibility is measured on the basis like two short tempered cannot form a good couple while the short tempered person with the person of patience forms a good couple, it also depends upon the understanding between them. * Financial adjustment/Security-Usually, mind of a girl is filled with the questions like Will the guy give her the financial security? And boys think that, Whether a girl love and respect her family? All these questions are analysed in Horoscope Matchmaking. Get your accurate Astrology readings at MyAstrologyHoroscope… About the Author: By: Acharya Dinesh Sharma – When the two planets .e together on the day of Monday, December 8th there is set to be a trend towards telling the truth and nothing else which would last all week. With the help of this week you co … By: RosieAguirre – Vytorin is a wonderful drug to lower your bad cholesterol, increase your good cholesterol, and along the process, makes your heart pump blood without any pressure. By: savemypc – The beginning each energy healing treatment by calling in the energy using symbols. After this, your first duty is to begin the process of assessing the condition of your patient. Each patient will pr … By: Steve Hurley – It is said that mathematics is the poetry of God himself and the numbers are as old as the civilization itself. Whatever the legacies are, the number 9 have flirted with the curiosity of human beings. … By: Steve Hurley – The thoughts and actions of a person, collectively referred to as karma, determine the life of individuals and are manifested as the type of society they form. Free will, choice, destiny, talent e … By: savemypc – Meditation is widely hailed as the best way to improve ones power of concentration and overall well-being. But along with great power .es greater responsibilities to use the powers only for its i … By: Steve Hurley – Human beings are curious to know the purpose behind existence of life and have evolved as the most capable organism to do so. But all achievements of human beings have .e at some cost, most of which … By: Alec Alfredo – Can you receive a free fifa 15 Xbox 360 on the web? Well, after days of research in my gaming magazine on the inter., the reply is yes. The gaming industry is in the peak of their global recognitio … By: Garyauto – Basic Auto Repair Saves Cash on Gas! The Auto Repair Services and good-sense driving tips not only helps keep money in your wallet, but also help keeps our environment clean. By: Green Feather – Mr. Umang Taneja is a person who introduced the concept of Nadi Astrology based on Vedic Astrology by covering all aspects of astrology in most genuine way with accuracy. 相关的主题文章: