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Hong Kong media exposure: Mainland terminal anti missile successfully responded to South Korea and the United States deployed thad according to Hongkong "Oriental Daily" reported on October 21st, South Korea plans to deploy troops "Sade" missile defense system, which Chinese frequent disclosure of PLA anti missile system in return". Following the earlier revealed using midcourse missile technology "Chinese version of Sade" red flag 19 research news, the mainland media and indirectly open has been successfully carried out more difficult end of the anti missile technology test. Mainland media reported 17 Shenzhou spacecraft, public base in Jiuquan historical museum inside the picture, visible wall medal display, for the first time in May 2011 the end of the anti missile test is successful, the same year and the first hypersonic aircraft test. The mainland military commentator refers to the end of the anti missile both tactical and strategic significance, the announcement shows that China has relatively perfect anti missile capability, and at the forefront of the world in the end of the anti missile system development. The report also said the Chinese website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Assistant Minister Kong Xuanyou announced recently in Seoul, China and South Korea held diplomatic consultations with South Korean Foreign Minister Kim Jiongchen assistant, to exchange views on bilateral relations and the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Kong Xuanyou stressed that China ROK relations should be cherished, not easily won, and reiterated its opposition to the deployment of "Sade", promoting South Korea caution.相关的主题文章: