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"Holy" and interpretation of evil demon emperor deflagration CG stunning the audience by top production team to create the "holy" and Mobile Games full version of CG exposure for the first time in the press conference last week. CG in the stunning performance of the people seem to be exposed to the theater, the model of the high integrity of the full details of the characters, realistic sound rendering a tense atmosphere of war. Today, let us feel "and" holy movie level CG large. Classic! High quality CG engraved fiction movie level CG perfect engraved "conflicts with Confucianism" holy Terran beastkin original novel, hone HD picture, let the game player like in the novel, in the great San yuan. "Confucianism" is a holy orthodox Coinfamily Mobile Games, to show Mobile Games antiquity country rhyme characteristics, Chinese traditional culture elements are still in "holy" CG in Confucianism, pavilions, terraces and open halls show, lotus garden, deep breath in rhyme. The CG uses the 3D high precision modeling, perfect show the details of the characters. Perfectly engraved a unique fighting style in the novel, this paper can come up to the world, Wu poetry enemy, gleaming poetry becomes a word sonorous and forceful, mysterious power, the demon emperor step by step back.   deflagration! Evil spirit demon emperor amazing video opening, antique waterside pavilions, Wen Hui is holding a public scholar. The seemingly quiet moonlight contains the beholder, brilliant in the body leading to the pen in the poem will be shipped in, only to encounter a lich raid. Evil spirit of the demon emperor appeared in the middle of the screen, giving people a sense of crisis. Taking the pen as a weapon against the demon emperor shipped, the demon king’s evil eyes full of murderous, to recruit leading action blood transport, hearty, scene P. By switching the compact music, camera, display a very strong sense of rhythm, and let the world true feelings in the novel fighting game player features, "poetry kills" the same thrilling. Finally, the seemingly demon emperor forced to retreat, but in the party had appeared behind the eye for inverse literati hidden mystery, to a game player this monster Terran and war has only just begun. "Holy" and Mobile Games CG in the gastric game player engraved classic novels of the story, the plot design have great originality, and will Mobile Games perfect novel series. In the "holy" and Mobile Games, game player can really feel the shock of the Mobile Games coinfamily. A "holy" and "Confucianism" is the most holy by the ultra popular Internet novel of the same name licensed the first orthodox Coinfamily round Mobile Games. Products from the starting point of platinum writer eternal fire full producer, 100% reduction of the novel unique world outlook. The essence of the game continues round play, and comprehensive innovation; occupation characteristic set all classes of authors; the partner system of all-round opening up, Li Bai and Du Fu fight for you; instant chat system free hands easily got sister; game Coinfamily style fresh and beautiful, with you to experience the Chinese style hand tour.相关的主题文章: