Holland, the city of Hague, sued Nintendo for disturbing the social order go footman

Because "Pokemon GO" disorderly Holland Hague municipal government sued Nintendo original title: Holland Hague municipal government to prosecute "Pokemon GO" game developers Xinhua Hague September 29th news (reporter Liu Fang) Holland Hague municipal government announced that 29 has sued the mobile phone game "Pokemon GO" developers, requiring the latter to limit "spirit" in the southwest of the city of Hague Binhai District leisure time and place. A spokesman for the Hague municipal government said: "the Hague district court will hear the case on October 11th. The municipal government has two demands, one is prohibited "Wizard" in the Kaikedeyin areas of natural and environmental protection in the region, two is prohibited "elf" night between 11 points to 7 points in early Kaikedeyin area." Kaikedeyin area is located in the southwest of the city of Hague, is a quiet seaside leisure zone. Since this summer, almost every day hundreds of thousands of hand travel players on the coast road to catch the elves". The Hague government initially wanted to use the boom to attract more tourists. In August 9th, the most concentrated in the coastal Plaza, also erected a "welcome to the" Wizard "of the billboard. Due to the superposition of the reality of the game scene, the player had to take the phone to find the real location of the wizard, the game, the supply station and the Road Museum are real places in real life. Therefore, a large number of game player to stampede in. The results not only local residents stand it, municipal government also had to deploy additional security and management personnel, public toilets, garbage bins and other public facilities added. Holland media said the daily expenses associated with more than 1500 euros. A government spokesman said: "where the genie appears, the player will flow to where. Kaikedeyin district has 245 hectares of natural and environmental protection area, municipal government does not want to game player there, do not want the public at night by interference." Hague municipal government hopes consultation to solve problems with the game developers, but the phone, mail letters and multi link failed, not only on the court. Pokemon GO jointly developed by the Japanese game giant Nintendo Co and the United States Ni Antic software company. Currently, the two companies did not respond to the action of the Hague municipal government.相关的主题文章: