HNA buy will continue to explode into the world’s third largest aircraft leasing company k9084

Hainan Airlines to continue to burst will become the market center to buy stocks of the world’s third largest aircraft leasing company: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants HNA Group shopping cart was a valuable commodity — CIT aircraft leasing business department. In October 6th, HNA’s Bohai leasing subsidiary Avolon (000415.SZ) announced that it agreed to $10 billion acquisition of CIT Group Inc. (Bank of America Holdings) aircraft leasing business, compared with $9 billion 400 million in net assets of about 6.7% of the premium. The transaction will adopt various financing methods, including new equity given Bohai leasing Avolon provides part of the cash, HNA Holdings subsidiary, and $8 billion 500 million in debt financing. The deal is scheduled to be completed by the end of the first quarter of next year, but remains subject to regulatory and shareholder approval. CIT’s commercial aircraft business is one of the world’s top ten aircraft leasing industry, with more than 350 aircraft, currently serving about 100 customers in the world’s 50 countries. At the end of June, CIT aircraft leasing business assets amounted to billions of dollars of debt of $1 billion 700 million, the net assets of $9 billion 400 million. Bohai leasing is HNA Group subsidiary, at the beginning of this year the price of nearly $2 billion 600 million acquisition of Avolon. If you can successfully acquire CIT rental department, Avolon will set up a fleet of 910 aircraft, worth more than $43 billion of the rental business, Hainan Airlines will therefore also became the world’s third largest after the aircraft after GE’s aircraft leasing business GECAS AerCap and Holland rental company. The price of $10 billion is much higher than originally expected. According to the Reuters reported earlier, the transaction price in about three to four billion dollars, and Hainan is not the only bidder, other competitors as well as ICBC’s ICBC leasing, Tokyo century leasing (Tokyo Century Leasing), and China Ping An group. Aircraft leasing business is an important branch of the aviation industry. HNA CIT can continue to expand their acquisition of the leasing business, the formation of synergy with the existing Bohai leasing business. On the one hand, not only to get more customers, such as Delta Airlines and Eastern Airlines; on the other hand, the risk of the asset allocation globalization can further reduce the aircraft leasing business. As we all know, the Asia Pacific region, especially China and India, is becoming a new growth point in the global aviation market. More and more airlines tend to lease aircraft, rather than direct purchase of the aircraft, because the lease not only significantly reduce the airline’s cash flow pressures, but also to make them more flexible in the replacement model. At present, about 40% of the world’s aircraft are owned by the leasing company, and this proportion has been rising, the International Aviation Association (IATA) predicted that this ratio will be exceeded by 2020 after the year of 50%. In addition, the aircraft leasing has been considered a high income and relatively stable business, this is also a lot of big companies and clever相关的主题文章: