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Hilary’s support rate is still ahead of Trump: if she is still on trial – elected Sohu news reports, national polls, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? In the presidential campaign last week slightly ahead of Republican rival Donald Trump?. However, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) to re investigate Hilary as secretary of state during the e-mail, which is the two person to enter the White House last sprint adds uncertainty. Hilary’s support rate is still leading announced that it is investigating more about Hilary and "mail door" e-mail in the Federal Bureau of investigation after a poll, Hilary’s support rate is still ahead of Trump. Morning Consult and Politico poll shows that Hilary support rate of 42%, the support rate of Trump was 39%. But in some fierce competition and will determine the white house ownership, two people hard to compete. This protracted campaign, waves constantly, constantly attack each other has two candidates voters like to fall into the trough. On Friday, the election again. Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation Komi unexpectedly announced that bureau of investigation will look at Hilary assistant Hu? She has found a large number of email estranged husband computer. Investigators have already received a search warrant, and are now trying to determine whether the emails were related to the use of private e-mail to deal with national security affairs during the 2013 Hilary Secretary of state in the year of 2009. Democrats attacked said the announcement is politically motivated, for no reason, is the last moment in the November 8th election applying interference to the Federal Bureau of investigation has the tradition to avoid any action that could change the result of action, Komi in violation of this tradition. Nearly 100 people from the Democratic Party or the Republican administration of the former prosecutor and the Justice Department officials said in an open letter, they decided to Komi 11 days before the election to comment on the evidence was "shocked and confused move". Trump: Hilary will face a criminal trial FBI for retrial "email" action disrupted the Hilary campaign’s position. Trump is desperate to seize the opportunity, he declared, "I think we hit the nail on the head. We can make sure that the contents of those e-mails are absolutely devastating." Trump called on Hilary in the October 31st survey of Komi "hold on", and predicted that if Hilary won the general election next week, the United States will see the president to accept the criminal trial. "He must hold on, because many people wanted him to take the wrong action," Trump said. With the polls close, Trump strengthened the attack on Hilary, he at a campaign rally in Michigan, said Hilary was elected, would "make China into the US cannot withstand the constitutional crisis." He predicted that the United States will appear in the president’s criminal trial". Trump, 30, held a rally in the southwestern state of New Mexico in the evening, said: "Hilary is not a victim of the United States, the people of the United States is the victim of this corruption system.". When we win in November 8 election, we will go to Washington, drained.相关的主题文章: