Highway, the difference between the one or two highway can not just charge (video) cagliari exchange

Highway, one or two highway difference is not only on the turnpike car tire suddenly how should do can you tell a variety of road level? At present, the domestic highway according to the traffic volume, the use of tasks and functions, etc., will be divided into 5 levels, namely, highway, a road, the road of the two, the level of the highway and highway four. So, how are these 5 levels of highway divided? 1, the current highway, the highest level of the highway is the highway, but also the only way to meet the speed of 120km h highway. Refers to the highway to adapt to the annual average of 25 thousand passenger cars, road width of more than 4 lanes, the service life of only 20 years. In high-speed road, pedestrians, non motor vehicles can not go up. 2, the first class highway refers to the annual average passenger cars can meet the amount of passing through the day to reach 3.5-5.5 million (six lanes) or from 1.5 to 30 thousand (four lanes), the maximum speed of 100km h, the service life of only a year. 3, two road and two road means can meet the truck through the average diurnal volume reached 3 thousand ~ 7.5 000 cars, top speed of 80km h, the use of time is only 15 years. And the highway, a highway, two highway will be set up with a central divider, and now most of the following levels of highway two is no longer the toll of the. 4, three road and three road means can meet the truck average volume reached 1 thousand ~ 4 days by car, only 2 lanes, with age only 10 years. Of course, this level of the highway is also free of charge. 5, four road and four road is a small passenger car can meet the average day and night passenger car through the amount of not more than 2 000 (two lane) or 400 (single lane road) below. Service life is only 10 years. So, your local highway two, but also charges it?相关的主题文章: