Her husband to repay the money to go on the road to pay the loyalty agreement useful ca1805

The husband wife run away to repay debt "loyalty agreement" is useful since ancient times, marriage has always been a public concern, WeChat public "evening news readers lawyer consultants lawyers zero distance" (micro signal: wblsljl) also received a lot of advice about marriage. Husband debt on foot, his wife needs to repay debt? Whether the "loyalty agreement" signed between husband and wife is legally valid? Will the debt between lovers disappear after marriage? The "hot" quiz, invite Evening News readers lawyers advisory board member, Zhejiang rock firm Chen Chanjuan lawyers faq. Does the husband need to pay his debts? Chen consultation: I saw a rather absurd news on the Internet, "marriage" debt of five million months. After returning from Canada, Ms. Wang and Wang Mou, Wang crazy debt, and more than two months after marriage foot. Just two months of marriage, Ms. Dong needs to be jointly liable for about $5 million in debt. Ms. Dong is not the only one, there are many women due to former partner debt, and deep debt crisis. I would like to ask, why Miss Dong liabilities? Why does this rule? Does she need to pay off the debt? If it is determined for the couple to live together to jointly repay lawyers answer: according to the April 1, 2004 implementation of the "Supreme People’s court interpretation of several issues concerning the application of (two)" in the provisions of article twenty-fourth, creditors during the marriage, the spouses in the name of personal debt claims, shall be handled according to the couple’s joint debt. That is to say at the time of divorce, the negative living together as husband and wife debt shall be repaid together. If it is involved in the determination of the 5 million yuan of debt is a common debt of the couple, Ms. Dong is the need to repay. The provisions of this law is to prevent the couple divorced with the way to get rid of debt, the use of internal marital relations to undermine social and economic relations, affecting the stability and security of the transaction. The law is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of creditors. Because one of the spouses debt situation in real life is very complex, one of the spouses in the name of a person during the existence of marriage debt to their spouses damage situation exists not only in practice, there are a couple of collusion in divorce as a means to dispose of common property to one party, the debt to the other party, in order to achieve to avoid debt, damage the interests of creditors to the situation. But for the debt are jointly debt, "reply" on the duration of marriage party debts owed by individuals how to identify the nature of the Civil Tribunal of the Supreme People’s Court: creditors in the spouses of the defendant sued for debt disputes, the case involving the debt are jointly debt, should be in accordance with the "the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the application of interpretation (two)" twenty-fourth provisions. If the borrower’s spouse proof that the debt is not used for the husband and wife to live together, it does not bear the responsibility to repay. In other words, if the person involved in the debt of the spouse of Ms. Dong is able to prove the burden of proof of 5 million yuan of debt is not used for couples to live together, it does not bear the responsibility to repay. Is the loyalty agreement legally valid? Netizen Lili advice: due to family reasons, I have a deep marriage.相关的主题文章: