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He vowed to do the world’s largest rural electricity supplier, to open 100000 years experience – Sohu of science and technology Zhao Shiquan "Le Village Amoy chairman, dark horse camp 12 campers Amoy Le Village is a rural market mainly for the BtoBtoC+O2O platform, the platform aims to make it easier for the commodity city to the countryside, rural commodity into city, promote the integration of urban and rural areas. Text entrepreneurship dark horse College Case Center Wang Shufeng, Zhang Jiulu, I spent eighteen years out of the agricultural gate, but with a lifetime to return." In June 6, 2016, the village of Le Amoy, chairman of horse Growth Camp 12 campers Zhao Shiquan will hand on a huge "Cube", announced the world’s first "in June 6 farmers" start formally: "the next five years, the village of Le Amoy rural will become the world’s largest electronic business platform." At this point, in the light of the map, his bald head is very eye-catching. Zhao Shiquan bald head began in 2014. At that time, as Taiyuan puguo Electronic City business best boss, Zhao Shiquan was determined to return to the rural areas, the creation of a allows farmers to buy cheap products, genuine, and rural business platform based on sales of agricultural products. In order to alleviate the pressure of a business, the two is to remind us to start, he made a wish: "as long as the cause of rural electricity supplier a day without success, one should not grow." As of June 2016, the village of Le Amoy have been impressive — in the country covering 600 counties in 25 provinces, the establishment of the 65000 rural experience stores, its influence has long been out of Shanxi, into the field of vision. In 2015, the global Internet Conference, music Amoy village was named the most influential rural electricity supplier platform". In September just ended organized by the Communist Youth League Central "third China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition," Le Village in 25000 Amoy entrepreneurial projects, and only one vote won the silver award winner. But Zhao Shiquan is not so satisfied, he determined to open, 100000 rural stores to experience this year, to be completed by 2018 20, which completely change the Internet application status of rural China. A farmer is the Zhao Shiquan counter attack hundred-percent "grassroots" was born — no proud family background, also not have a high degree of identity bright. 1999, was born in the countryside, just graduated more than a month he took hundreds of dollars moved south to Shenzhen. Because of a Shanxi dialect, looking for work around the wall, and finally there is a telephone company decided to employ him, Zhao Shiquan was only 20 yuan. Because he is the same batch of recruits in the most not optimistic about the people, after two days of training, he was assigned to a company in Xi’an. At that time, the Xi’an side of the company and agents have been working together for ten years, has been very difficult, the former only for a week it will not go dry. But Zhao Shiquan did not go directly to the agent, three days ago, he traveled to Xi’an, the agents of the more than and 40 stores a survey, the emergence of the history of the company, the sales process and the problems in the development of crystal clear understanding. To long相关的主题文章: