Hangzhou property market before the purchase of 3292 sets of record breaking policy cycle to inflect-ca1477

Sell 3292 sets the record of policy cycle to recommend the purchase of the property market inflection point in Hangzhou: the purchase of Hangzhou the day before the new 5105 sets of second-hand housing turnover Hangzhou property market today purchase yesterday to sell 3292 sets of record analysis pointed out that the Hangzhou property market to restart the purchase of the policy, since 2014 canceled after the purchase, the policy cycle again a turning point each reporter Wu Ruofan intern reporter Ye Xiaodan, the recent property market regulation was significantly tighter, the second city, such as Hefei, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen and Wuhan, have introduced the credit limit restriction policy. Under this background, the G20 summit held at home and abroad well-known increased, while there is no restriction of credit limit of Hangzhou, became a real eyes "xiangbobo". Just past the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the daily economic news reporter’s circle of friends is almost all kinds of Hangzhou property market hot picture brush burst. For example, in September 17th Hangzhou City days day and day Yang Lan group opened, causing 2000 people panic room tide. The face of the property market "Crazy", Hangzhou yesterday (September 18th) finally reached the "visible hand". In the afternoon, Hangzhou city housing security and Housing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Hangzhou Insurance Bureau) issued a restriction policy, since September 19th, in addition to Fuyang and the East River, suspended in Hangzhou within the scope of the purchase of non permanent residents of the city has sold 1 units of housing and more housing. Analysts pointed out that the Hangzhou property market to restart the purchase of the policy, indicating that since the abolition of the purchase in 2014, its policy cycle has reached an inflection point. The new deal announced in the afternoon, the second day will be implemented, showing its harsh side; but the new deal only to prohibit the purchase of foreign population of more than two sets of housing and protect its rigid demand, but also shows a mild side. It is worth mentioning that, perhaps today will be the implementation of the restriction, the Hangzhou property market turnover and then break the record. According to the data of Hangzhou City real estate information network, as of 24:00 yesterday, Hangzhou commercial housing area eight day cumulative turnover of 3292 units, the highest single day turnover again to refresh the historical record; last month, the cumulative turnover of 19767 sets, the average daily turnover of less than 700 units. Foreigners just to be protected by a recent period of time, the people of Hangzhou in the circle of friends, on the table, the elevator, the most discussed topic is probably not the real estate house, sell crazy, is the real estate prices, and real estate which closed or not sell! In fact, the Hangzhou property market is indeed very hot. Living in Zhejiang network data show that the Hangzhou stock market from the beginning of the year to nearly 170 thousand sets of the current to fall below the set of 130 thousand, with only about 8 months. Data show that in August this year, the average transaction price of 18213 yuan in Hangzhou square meters, an increase of 19.3%, an increase of. As of the end of August to the period of only 4.6 months. Let the hot market, some developers choose to cover Xishou and lead to regulatory penalties. In September 14th, Hangzhou Municipal Security Bureau made a decision to look at China real estate (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. on the Long Xi 4 apartment cover Xishou problems rectification. However, this punishment is clearly not to curb the overheated real estate market theory相关的主题文章: