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Han Junfang: 4500 troops by stealth landing ship to the Korean Peninsula, the original title: the South Korean military sent 4500 troops in contact: the landing ship bound for North Korea Peninsula [global network reporter Wei Yue reported: according to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on February 16th, South Korean military authorities said that the United States will be 15 nuclear powered submarines "in North Carolina." emergency sent to South Korea to the East China Sea, carried out joint exercises with the South Korean navy. South Korean Defense Ministry official said, in order to cope with the new North Korean military provocation, South Korea and the United States last week joint operations planning group (OPT) has held an operational planning meeting, to discuss the future of the Korean Peninsula to carry out operational plan. According to the plan, the United States Navy in February 17th will be the implementation of a bilateral maritime warning aircraft to participate in military exercises, to strengthen the ability to deal with the North Korean submarine. South Korea will send 1 P-3 sea warning machine and 1 American P-8 Poseidon anti submarine patrol aircraft participated in the exercise. The United States Marine Corps is also a stealth landing ship bound for South korea. South Korean military official said, in order to hold a plan in early next month the Ssangyong exercise, stationed in the United States 4500 marine Marines already at 2 12 April departure from the United States to South Korea, will be landing at the same time in East Sea is mainly a stronghold in the shortest time occupied North Korea military exercises. In the exercise of the United States Marine Corps 13 expedition with radar can not detect the stealth landing ship sailed for South korea. It is reported that this is the first time the United States troops landing combat activities in South korea. Editor: Zhao Jiaming SN146

韩军方:4500名美军乘隐形登陆舰驶往朝鲜半岛   原标题:韩国军方:美派4500兵力乘坐隐形登陆舰驶往朝鲜半岛   [环球网报道 记者 魏悦]据韩国《中央日报》2月16日报道,韩国军方当局消息称,美国15日将核动力潜艇“北卡罗来纳州号”紧急派往韩国东海,与韩国海军进行了联合演习。   韩国国防部相关人士表示,为应对朝军新的挑衅,上周韩美共同作战计划小组(OPT)曾举行过一次作战计划会议,讨论了未来在朝鲜半岛开展的作战计划。   根据该计划,韩美海军将在2月17日实施一场两国海上警戒机共同参与的军事演习,以强化针对朝鲜潜艇的应对能力。韩国将派1架P-3海上警戒机和美国1架P-8波塞冬反潜巡逻机参加这次演习。   美国海兵陆战队也正乘坐隐形登陆舰驶往韩国。韩国军方相关人士表示,为了参加计划下月初举行的双龙演习,驻扎在美国的4500名海兵陆战队员已经于2月12日从美国出发赶赴韩国,将在东西海主要据点进行同时登陆,开展一场以最短时间占领平壤的军事演习。   参加演习的美国海兵陆战队13远征队将带着雷达无法探测的隐形登陆舰驶向韩国。据悉,这是美国首次将本土的登陆部队派往韩国开展作战活动。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: