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Hainan National Day travel speed should pay attention to the seven points — people.com.cn Hainan windows — people.com.cn original title: during the national day will be the speed you should pay attention to the seven points in 2016, the National Day holiday approaching, let everyone have a happy, civilized and safe holiday road travel environment, combined with the Haikou police this year, "Tomb-sweeping Day May Day holiday traffic changes, this year on National Day during high speed traffic conditions were judged analysis, in order to facilitate high-speed travel in advance. First, before driving high speed, vehicle inspection is very necessary. Some people will ask, what to do to check it? In fact, very simple, before departure, drove to the regular repair shop or 4S shop, told the maintenance staff, you intend to travel long distances, please give them to your car to do a physical examination as good. In this regard, Xiaobian do not recommend you to check the vehicle, is a tool or instrument you two is not necessary, you didn’t have to knowledge, so the professional thing to professional people to do good, and you want to do, is to put the car oil fill, put the glass of water to fill the car the good. Two, because the highway minimum speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and with the speed of growth, once the impact of collision occurred will be enhanced, so no matter how long your driving experience, whether you have how many kilometers of road, please don’t pride. You know, as a driver of you, only safely arrived at the destination, remember not to relax vigilance. Three, after entering the highway, please try to ensure uniform driving, do not for a moment, a slow slow, don’t be caused to you "visual" confused, the highway is a high-speed, once there is any form of collision, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Four, driving, please pay attention to observe, not only to observe the traffic situation in front, but also to maintain the necessary distance. Sign distance confirmation is not furnished, under normal circumstances, the speed of 100Km and h, then the distance should be 100m, to prevent the collision accidents; and when the front of the vehicle when driving speed or pressure car suddenly reduced, please must through the rearview mirror to observe the car on the left side of the vehicle and the rear. Through timely escape, avoid the rear of the vehicle rear end. Five, when you want to overtake, please observe the vehicle on both sides of the vehicle trajectory as the first step in the confirmation does not affect other vehicles, overtaking. Be decisive when overtaking, it is best to use the speaker and light as a reminder. Overtaking is successful, do not immediately return to the lane, and other vehicles opened at least 100 meters after the change lane is the most safe practice. Six, do not fatigue driving. On the one hand, as a driver, you should be aware of their responsibilities, so to ensure adequate sleep in their departure; on the other hand, starting after a rest in the way of service, but also a very good way. Seven, in case of vehicle breakdowns or traffic accidents, please must be under the premise of ensuring safety, the "warning triangle" placed in the car 150 meters, at the same time, the personnel on the car should be to the fastest speed to fence off the highway outside or higher)相关的主题文章: