Guilin Liucheng Expressway built at the end is expected to be completed in 2020 winflash

Guilin Liucheng Expressway built at the end of 2020 is expected to completed nanguojinbao Nanning news (reporter Xu Bing) November 1st, Guilin to Liucheng expressway project environmental impact evaluation of public participation were second publicity, the highway is an important part of Nanning via Liuzhou to Guilin and Guilin channel highway second to Hechi highway, plans to start construction in late 2016. After the completion of the highway by the end of 2020, will greatly ease the high-speed traffic to Guilin, Nanning, south of the traffic pressure. Guilin Liucheng expressway is Guangxi expressway network planning "6 vertical and 7 horizontal" in the "5 vertical" Guilin via Liuzhou to Nanning highway second channel, and an important part of "2 horizontal" line from Guilin to Hechi expressway. Total length of about 94.6 km, the total investment is expected to be $11 billion 940 million, plans to start construction by the end of 2016. The highway is completed by the end of 2020, not only shortened the highway mileage between Guilin and Hechi, Baise via Hechi, Guilin to the direction of Hunan province expressway channel, also will greatly ease the Spring South Guilin to Nanning high-speed traffic pressure. The reporter saw in the publicity, along the road to be set up 34 bridges, including large bridge 3, 62 culvert, tunnel 18, due to the complex terrain, tunnels and bridges accounted for more than 45% of the total route length. Set up a total of 2 highway service area, parking area 1, maintenance work area 2, toll station 5. It is understood that the highway construction of the two rivers connected with interworking with Guilin Liangjiang Airport, port and highway 306 interchange is connected by the interchange along County Road 108, leading to the Yongfu county. The construction of highway interchange and Baishou County Road 137 is connected, can go to the Yongfu County town, county town of Hyakuhisa pumice, a siding exchange with the county road 629 is going into an Si Ding Zhen; a lake interchange and highway 209 is going in Rongan, Rongshui county. From the perspective of the impact of the environment, the highway has not gone through the nature reserves, drinking water source protection areas, Forest Park, scenic spots and other sensitive areas of ecological environment.相关的主题文章: