Guessing riddles and reading the Mid Autumn

Do you know when the term "mid autumn" appears? Why is it called "mid autumn"? " In the late September 15th, the Mid Autumn Festival, the autumn rain is refreshing. Jinhua Pujiang County town Tanxi temple village culture hall is very lively, education consultant Chen Jie smiled Chunni asked the children some questions. On the night of the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, to carry forward the traditional culture, enrich the village festival life, Pujiang County town Tanxi temple village culture hall "home" Guoqiang to celebrate the Mid Autumn Lantern Riddles riddles activities, closely linked to the socialist core values theme, the festival, moon cake and other content as the answer, the atmosphere is very active, the children are listening to Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival after the story, read poetry, with Chen order, rushed to a lantern, lantern riddle SuiEr hung. In a few moments, the riddles were all saved in the hands of the children, with riddles to the riddles, and prizes for stationery, moon cakes, and sweets. "This year’s Mid Autumn Festival is more interesting than before, can learn, can play, and can eat…" Hu Enkai, 10, was happy to eat moon cakes. "Next year, I want to come and bring my classmates." "This is the first time that we have such a pleasant and joyful activity in the mid autumn festival since the completion of our village cultural hall. The effect is unexpected. Children are driving parents to take part in it. We inherit traditional culture in another way and express our love for life and hometown. Next, we will give full play to the role of cultural hall gathering and run every activity so that everyone can recognize that our spiritual home is in the cultural hall. In front of the temple village branch secretary Chen Qingjia village cultural activities with confidence.

猜谜念诗过中秋 浦江山区老少自欢乐“大家知道‘中秋’这个词语是什么时候出现的呢?为什么叫‘中秋’呢?”9月15日晚,中秋佳节,秋雨送爽。金华浦江县檀溪镇寺前村文化礼堂内十分热闹,春泥计划教育顾问陈洁微笑着问小朋友们一些问题。当晚恰逢农历八月十五中秋节,为弘扬传统文化,丰富村民节日生活,浦江县檀溪镇寺前村文化礼堂举行“家好国强"庆中秋猜灯谜活动,谜语紧扣社会主义核心价值观的主题,以佳节、月饼等为谜底内容,现场气氛十分活跃,孩子们在听过中秋的故事,朗诵中秋的诗词以后,随着陈老师一声令下,纷纷冲向每一个灯笼,灯笼的穗儿上挂着谜语。不一会儿,谜语全被孩子们攒在手里了,拿着谜语对谜底,领文具、月饼、糖果等奖品。“今年的中秋比以前更有趣,能学,能玩,还能吃……”10岁的胡恩恺高兴地吃着月饼,“明年还想来,还要带我的同学来。”“这是我们村文化礼堂建成以来,第一次在中秋节举办这么轻松愉悦的活动,效果出乎意料,孩子带动家长也参与了进来,我们用另一种形式传承了传统文化,表达了对生活和家乡的热爱。下一步,我们将充分发挥文化礼堂集聚作用,办好每一次活动,让每一个人都认识到,我们的精神家园,就在文化礼堂。”寺前村支部书记陈清佳村里的文化活动信心十足。相关的主题文章: