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Guangzhou middle-aged woman from the 19 floor fall dead police: Depression – Sohu news incident Guangzhou Haizhuqu District Chui Po District; after the inquest, women with high abortion death, no suspicious death Express News reporter Zhu Shuoran correspondent Wang Lvbin Hai Xuan Gong Jia Xuan reported the Mid Autumn Festival, the family reunion is difficult. Yesterday morning, Guangzhou Haizhuqu District Po Chui Chui city garden falls incident occurred, a woman killed. Currently, the police are investigating the incident. The site is located in Haizhuqu District Po Chui Chui city garden door, Lee said witnesses, he passed here, saw has been watching the scene, a woman lying on the sidewalk, the whole body lying on the ground, there is a large pool of blood around the age does not look big. Yesterday morning at 11 am, the new express reporter rushed to the scene, the police have pulled up the cordon, and the blue tent to cover the remains of the deceased. More than the presence of onlookers in the neighborhood. A security guard at the next booth duty said, things happen in the morning 9 am, when he heard "bang" muffled, looked up and saw a woman lying on the ground. Informed residents said the dead were from the Jade Garden Building 19 floor fall, is a female, short stature. As for the specific age from teenagers to Public opinions are divergent., thirty years old were saying. The owners of residential groups have information that the deceased lived in Chui city garden building 19 floor, thirty or forty years old, the police have entered the home of exploration. At 12 pm, the express reporter came to someone’s apartment, a white haired old woman opened the door, accompanied by the police, her eyes turned red after reporters had come to understand, declined an interview request. The dead a few months ago, suffering from depression, according to the Guangzhou Haizhu police yesterday informed the 14 day: 9:30 pm, police received a public warning, said in Haizhuqu District Chui Po falls a woman with blood ground. After receiving the report, Haizhu police immediately sent to the scene to dispose of, after "120" medical personnel arrived at the scene confirmed that the woman had died. A preliminary investigation by the police, the deceased Chen (female, 45 years old, Guangzhou people) is a residential household Chui Po Road, a few months ago suffering from depression. In the morning, Chen from residential balcony falls, the home left a suicide note. The forensic inspection of the scene, Chen meets high fall death, no suspicious death. Currently, the relevant circumstances are under further investigation.相关的主题文章: