Guangdong quality supervision bedding checks 13.3% failed to detect carcinogenic dyes-mp7a1

Guangdong Quality Supervision: Bedding checks 13.3% unqualified detected carcinogenic dyes Nanfang Daily News (reporter Hu Xinke     correspondent Yue Zhixuan) the day before, the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the national quality supervision and inspection results linked products in Guangdong province in 2016, 14 kinds of products including checks the contents of children and infants clothing, bedding, wooden furniture, etc.. In the sample of 60 batches of bedding products, 8 batches of unqualified products, substandard products found was 13.3%, related to the bedding of the biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, pH value, fiber content and other 3 projects. Among them, biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes project 2 batches of substandard samples were produced by Limited by Share Ltd in the vision Home Furnishing supplies flower cotton three set and Zhongshan Nanlang warm bedding plant production pillow, currently supplies Home Furnishing vision Limited by Share Ltd has rectification review qualified. Containing the carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes in the long-term contact with the human body, such as the dye absorbed by the skin, will spread in the human body, may cause human disease and induced cancer. In 120 batches of children and infants clothing product sampling, 17 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 14.2%, pH fiber content, involving children and infant clothing product value, moisture rubbing fastness force of 6 projects, the unqualified products are Guangzhou Yige Garment Limited production noble fairy T-shirt, Shenzhen surprisingly clothing Limited production of girl woven shirt. Wooden furniture products, a total sample of 120 batches of samples, after inspection, there are 31 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 25.8%, related to the wooden furniture of surface properties (resistance, wear resistance of the liquid film), formaldehyde emission and other 4 projects, the unqualified products are movable cabinet, Guangzhou Xing Lin Furniture Co. production of Guangzhou imperial woods furniture limited production of computer, Zhongshan Guang Li Office Furniture Co. production side table etc.. In the 100 batch of Aluminum Alloy building material products checks, after inspection, 10 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 10%, related to the chemical composition of Aluminum Alloy building material products (Fe), the local film thickness, wall thickness deviation, alkali resistance and other 8 projects, including the Guangdong Jiangnan substandard products Aluminum Co. Ltd., Xinfeng Su Guangdong Copper Aluminum Co. Ltd., Guangdong Tianma Aluminum Co. Ltd., Qingyuan Haixuan aluminum metal products Co. Ltd. production Aluminum Alloy building material, electrophoretic coating profiles, Qingyuan Xingcheng Aluminum Alloy building material – anodic oxidation Aluminum Co. Ltd. production profile. In the 60 batches of compound fertilizer products checks, found 4 batches of substandard products, substandard products found was 6.7%, excluding the logo only 2 batches of substandard products, the physical quality of substandard products found was 3.3%, relates to the compound fertilizer product size, packaging and other 2 projects, substandard products respectively in fertilizer (Zhaoqing) Limited production of agricultural fertilizer brand fertilizer and the city of Shunyi industry limited company production of trademark graphic mixing.相关的主题文章: