Guangdong cracked a number of new network MLM criminal gangs involved over 2 billion yuan sayu-02

Guangdong detected new network MLM crime gangs involved over 2 billion yuan – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Guangzhou, November 1 (reporter Ye ago) Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau disclosure 1, local police cracked a number of new network MLM criminal gangs, related cases involving more than 2 billion yuan. According to the police, the case of the larger "star currency" virtual currency case, Guangdong Long Fu Group marketing network marketing case more than 60 cases, has destroyed more than 80 criminal dens, arrested more than 480 suspects. In April this year, the Jieyang public security department found in the investigation of a criminal gang led by Zhang suspected of using the network virtual currency star currency in the country to organize, leading MLM crime clues. At the same time, Foshan public security found that Guangdong Long Fu company and related companies under the name of charity charity alleged alleged sales of so-called nano products through the Internet to organize, leading pyramid selling criminal activities. After five consecutive months of investigation, the public security organs to identify the criminal network of criminal gangs, personnel structure and organizational system. In mid September, in the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau, Guangdong public security organs in Guangxi, Ningxia, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other 10 provinces, city and district, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen implementation of the arrest, the main suspects were arrested. According to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau statistics, this year 1 to September, the Guangdong public security organs Kyoritu illegal fund-raising and marketing more than 680 cases, an increase of 24%; more than 1370 people were arrested. Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau official said, the financial sector highlights the crime on the new network, the pyramid selling crime crackdown highhanded. Police remind the public to guard against the use of virtual currency investment in new network marketing.相关的主题文章: