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Gift giving can be very stressful. There are times we feel obligated to give and our heart isn’t in it. There are times we don’t feel we have enough time. There are times we don’t seem to have a clue as to what gift to give. Gift giving should not be this way. The value of a gift should be much more than the money or time you invest in the gift. The value of a gift has more to do with how the receiver perceives the importance of the gift and the ultimate impact the gift has on his or her life. Don’t view gift giving as a chore. Approach it with a generous and caring attitude, knowing that you can make a difference through your actions. There are some key areas to consider when deciding on a gift for that special person. 1. Consider the Person If you discover areas that the person has a passion about or has a need in, you have some terrific clues to use for developing a list of potential gifts. Browse through stores for items that have potential. The stores can be local or on the Internet. You can also go to your local library and bookstores and browse through related books and magazines for ideas. Even the classified ads section of magazines on the topic can be useful. It seems like there’s a magazine for just about any topic you can imagine. If possible, contact organizations that specialize in the topic. They will usually have no problem sharing ideas with you. Write down any idea that comes to mind while you’re searching. You may be nervous that the subject area is not something that interests you. Don’t be nervous. You are doing this for the person you’re giving to. You are not doing it for yourself. That is also the reason you’re finding out what is current in that area and about what other people think who are passionate about that same topic. This exercise is a good idea and even if you plan to make the gift yourself. It can help stir some additional creative ideas. You should now have some items on your gift list to consider. 2. What Are Your Financial and Time Limitations? Giving a gift does involve a financial and/or time investment. It should not necessarily create a hardship for you. You need to set and stick to a budget. This budget needs to consider both how much money you’re going to spend and how much time you can afford to dedicate to this project. Always be practical in setting a budget. Defining a budget is the easy part. Sticking to it is more difficult. Decide in the beginning you’re going to stay on budget. Track how much money and time you are investing along the way. Only you can decide how tough you want to be on yourself when the temptation to break the budget occurs. However, if the temptation wins at times, you can have the peace in knowing it’s for a great cause. 3. Be Unique The gift is for the other person. One mistake people make is to give a gift that doesn’t reflect there personality in some way. If you’re a funny, fun-loving person, consider giving a gift that reflects that. If you have a close relationship with the person, consider giving a gift that reflects that. In cases where the gift might not reflect the uniqueness of you or the relationship, make sure it’s presented in a way that reflects those things. 4. Take a Risk Few people want to take a risk when it comes to giving gifts. We are so scared that the person will not like what we give, that we settle for a generic gift when it isn’t appropriate. One of the problems with not taking some level of risk is that it sends a message that you didn’t spend much time considering the gift to give. This may not be true. The only warning I give regarding risk is that the gift should not be too personal if the receiver is not a close friend or relative. Purchasing underwear for an acquaintance is certainly risky but would also be inappropriate. Look for those gift ideas that no one else would think of or consider giving. I cannot guarantee that the receiver will always be ecstatic with the gift. However, your intension will shine through and the gift will more than likely bring positive memories to the receiver for years to come. 5. Make a Selection You may have a long list of potential gifts. That is OK. You have the advantage that there is no one right answer when deciding on a gift. Consider the sections above and make the best decision from your list that you can. You should feel great about your decision. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have a butterfly are two flying around in your stomach as you wonder how much the person will love your gift. It does mean that you’ve given the gift careful consideration and that you are giving it with a caring heart. About the Author: Go to to sign up for a free special report on gift giving. Also, visit the Everyday Giving Bookstore at for inspirational gifts. Roger Carr is the founder of Everyday Giving. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – UnCategorized 相关的主题文章: