Goldstone-orient cross-border restructuring challenges existing risk control sidelined

Goldstone-orient cross-border restructuring challenges existing risk control sidelined hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my weekly Times reporter Wu Mianqiang from Guangzhou a huge volume of up to 2 billion 100 million yuan you let the reorganization plan, located in Chengdu goldstone-orient (300434.SZ) ripples in the capital market, the main plastic composite pipe for enterprises to cross-border "have no relevance to the pharmaceutical industry.". The evening of September 2nd, goldstone-orient released a major asset restructuring plan, goldstone-orient and its wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu stone intends to Hainan Asian Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Asian Pharmaceutical") of all 49 shareholders with 23.12 yuan of shares issued approximately 53 million 220 thousand and 400 shares, with the cash to pay about 870 million yuan to buy 100% stake in Asia pharmaceutical. The evening of September 5th, goldstone-orient announced that due to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the major asset restructuring related documents after the audit, opening September 6th will continue to be suspended. The company is now the main business by the domestic economic slowdown, the impact of declining growth in fixed asset investment, the development of bottlenecks encountered." Talk about the cross-border restructuring to the pharmaceutical industry’s original intention, goldstone-orient reply weekly Times reporter said. "For this type of restructuring is very challenging things, to see the listed company boss if there is enough pattern and courage." Good at pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions investment East High St. vice president and deputy general manager told the weekly Times reporter Qu rong. In addition, before and after the transaction, the actual controlling stake in listed companies has decreased, after the transaction, the shares of listed companies are more dispersed, there is the risk of loss of control of the actual controller." Goldstone-orient said. The reorganization and integration challenges goldstone-orient was founded in July 15, 2004, formerly known as Sichuan goldstone-orient new material equipment Co., Ltd., registered capital of 136 million yuan, the legal representative Yixi quine. Public history display, Quine Yixi aged 58, he was graduated from the Sichuan Institute of technology, specializes in internal combustion engine, with engineer, is a typical "technical" entrepreneurs. Quine Yixi worked in Sichuan Construction Machinery Factory (now Sichuan construction machinery (Group) Limited by Share Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the "Sichuan shares"), served as a technician, workshop director, then founded goldstone-orient, responsible for the overall development strategy of listed company development, operation management and development work, due to the company’s core technical personnel. Quite interesting is that the work of Quine’s wife Yang Xiaodong was also Yixi in Sichuan group, she is now 59 years old, 2011-2012 year in January, worked in Sichuan Construction Corporation Development Department as a clerk, after the retirement date. Public data shows, goldstone-orient’s main business is the development and application of steel reinforced plastic composite pipe technology, steel reinforced composite plastic pipe with a full set of production process and technical solutions for customers and complete sets of production equipment (production line), and the landing of the gem in April 2015. theory相关的主题文章: