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Self-Improvement Goal setting is hardly new. But in this age of technology .puter software programs and electronic devices have transformed the goal setting exercise, providing sophisticated tools to remind us of our goals and keep track of our progress. A person could almost think the good old notepad and pen are practically obsolete. This article begs to differ. There is still a crucial role for the notepad and pen. This article will look at the way writing crystalizes thought. Then we will see how at least two key modalities .e into play with using a notepad and pen. And finally we will consider re-writing and refining. First, let’s dwell on how writing itself can powerfully help in the goal setting process. Writing Gives Substance To Thought You may have a goal in your mind but it is not until you actually .mit it to writing that the abstract seems to take on a physical property. By writing a goal down you crystalize your thinking and there it is, spelled out in front of you, the end result you wish to achieve. Of course, this can be done in a .puter program or through an electronic file. Many use these tools very successfully. However, there is a difference between hammering away on a keyboard and taking a pen and writing it out on paper. Writing Uses Different Modalities The act of writing with a pen employs our visual and kinesthetic modalities. As we write the words they be.e etched on our mind. Writing makes a much deeper impression on the mind. Your emotions can even flow through your pen as you write furiously or at a measured pace, pressing harder on words you feel strongly about, emphasizing key words and phrases with exclammation marks or underlining. The notepad and pen make this so much easier. Writing and Re-Writing We may start off writing out our goal, writing out the various stages involved with reaching that goal, and setting deadlines for each stage. We may craft a carefully worded goal statement. Then we refine it as it develops and circumstances change. Re-wording and re-writing are of course easy using a .puter program. However, when we use a notepad and pen, the process of re-wording and re-writing take on added weight as we cannot simply backspace and delete. We need to literally re-write the phrase or sentence. This mechanical action helps us really get to grips with the goal and all the aspects we need to consider. You may have a number of goals running at the same time, relating to different areas of your life. Many find having a goals notebook invaluable. On one page they may create a Master List of all their goals with the expected .pletion dates. At a glance they can keep a variety of goals in the forefront of their mind. A separate page can then be devoted to each goal with a breakdown of steps, resources, etc. that will be needed to ac.plish that stage. These separate pages can be re-written and refined as the goal develops and circumstances change. The action of writing lists and re-writing lists all helps us keep our focus on the goal and what we need to achieve it. Without being dogmatic . . . Of course, everyone is different. Some individuals may prefer to use a .puter program or word processing program to keep a record of their goals and be quite happy with that. On the other hand, probably many like the old fashioned notepad and pen because it helps them to well . . . just think more clearly. See if you can get into the habit of doing your thinking on paper. If you have done goal setting exercises in the past but been frustrated and not carried them through why not re-assess and try again. Get out the good old notepad and pen, do your brainstorming and goal setting development on paper – and really enjoy the process! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: