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The girl hid classmate home lost 1 Nights: I’m not bear children also have a small emotional original title: I’m not a bear child, I also have a small mood last night, the little girl was found, she apologized for their behavior. @ Ping Jiulongpo for map (reporter Jing Ran) yesterday at 12 am, a year old girl Wang Moumou lost contact with the information in micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends crazy pass. For a time, the good people for the 8 year old girl to heart pulling the throat. Where the hell did she go? Chongqing Morning Post reporter learned that 8 points last night, found that after her daughter lost contact, Wang’s parents immediately rushed to the Shiqiaopu police station. Jiulongpo police asked the lost, lost child DNA collected blood samples, while the first time released xiechatongbao. At the same time, Wang left the school route video tracking. The police investigation found that Wang followed the students leave school after the bridge, across the street on a bus, and then in the Erlang Road area of the car doorlead goods. Monitoring shows that Wang followed his classmates back home, they never go out. Yesterday evening, the police record of inquiry process, the parents of students to the police to apologize, said his evening, poor management of children, usually did not concern around her friends. The parents then let the police surprised: if the parents are not necessarily found at home "Tibet" guests. When the police repeatedly to confirm whether Wang’s students I know Wang whereabouts, the students eyes free, talk becomes hesitant. Last night, 7 am, police and parents went straight to the students home, a closet door opened, Wang wow to cry, rushed out and hugged her mother. Calm after she apologized to the police uncle, father and mother and care for her well intentioned people again and again: "I just told my mother was angry, hiding her, did not expect so many people disturb. Sorry, I don’t have a small temper." Communication, Wang mother criticism things still brood on "I’m not, bear children, I have little emotion", "I don’t want to go home, her gas"…… 00 – police remind the thought after more independent criticism to improve 1. Criticism of children must pay attention to time and occasions. 00 thought is more independent, self-esteem is stronger, they do not want to be treated as bear child. 2. Before criticizing the child, parents should be forced to calm themselves in order to make a correct judgment of the child’s mistakes, to find a solution to the problem. 3. Children may be careless mistakes, but also may be due to attitude. Criticism should be targeted, so as to allow children to sincerely accept. 4. Do not blame the child, parents should criticize their children before the first self-criticism. 5. After the criticism, parents should give some comfort, let the children calm down and regain confidence. 6. Children should learn to assess the consequences of wayward behavior from childhood to learn restraint. Can not be like Wang’s classmate that, in the face of the police uncle refused to reveal the whereabouts of wang. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: