Garlic catch up with the pig price you think just affect you eat dumplings lata-01

Garlic to catch up with the price of pork you think only affect you eat dumplings garlic prices rose again! This is a new round of garlic is not only more menacing, let the garlic price on the highest level in 6 years. According to the October national small agricultural products price data released in October 31st October, the national development and Reform Commission, garlic wholesale price and the retail price of 7.24 yuan per kilogram respectively, and 7.89 yuan, up 6.16% and 4.64%, an increase of 90% and 67.9%. In addition to garlic, ginger, sugar, cotton and other commodities rose significantly. In April 7th this year, Beijing xinfade garlic wholesale price reached 6.7 yuan per kilogram, while in July 2015 when the garlic is only 2.5 yuan per kilogram. In the garlic speculation, the price difference is enough to bring a ton of more than 5000 yuan of profits. More interesting is that in September this year, CPI back up trend, prices of agricultural products, would make the ensuing inflation? The retail price of pork with garlic, fried garlic "have close hand ahead of the recent period, garlic prices soared in the country to spread, and reached record highs. The price of 7.89 yuan per kilogram of garlic, has been close to the same period the average price of 8.2 yuan per catty national pig. Shaanxi Price Bureau data show that in Shaanxi province this week, garlic garlic prices continue to rise, the average price 8.68 yuan per catty, an increase of 78.23%. Ji’nan City Price Bureau price monitoring shows that in October 27th, the price of garlic is 9 yuan per kilogram, compared with the same period last year rose 100%, the price doubled. Oriental Wealth choice data show that as of the end of October, the wholesale price of garlic has exceeded 6.7 yuan per kilogram, garlic growth this year has reached 63%, the price has hit a record high. In the market view, this round of rally, has exceeded 20092010 years of market, and more ferocious". Garlic prices are mainly affected by supply and demand, weather, capital and other factors. This year the garlic supply is tight, boost and face financial and other factors, storage, high degree of marketization, the garlic speculators easily." Information Analyst Cui Xiaona told the daily economic news reporter, "as a condiment, even if the price doubled, consumers are relatively easy to accept." Beijing xinfade market a garlic wholesaler told the daily economic news reporter (micro signal: nbdnews), "2, March for garlic garlic seed time this year, the price rose badly, had 2 yuan a pound, a pound rose to about $3 an acre of land for 300 pounds of garlic seeds, so garlic for the cost of an acre of land up to 200 yuan, in addition to employees, pesticides, plastic and other costs, plus the land transfer rent, an acre of land in total cost 3500 yuan, 1800 to 2000 pounds an acre of garlic could, but due to weather factors output this year is relatively low, this year new garlic storage, the price is close to 6 yuan per catty. Of course, there should also be a factor in capital speculation." After the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporters interviewed a Henan years "hoarding garlic, fried garlic", in the face of this year’s garlic market, he has received in advance consultation相关的主题文章: