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Game player, game, tearful confession: my 56 year old father had a lot of new year to slightly record in the game of my real mentor is actually my father my father’s occupation is a mechanical engineer, mechanical design, drawing what they had is my dad and I have the impression of pure hand drawing great inclined drawing drawings. Plate and various looks very Niubi ruler and then 97 years, computer China swept my dad, in order to keep pace with the times spent about 1W to buy a PC to learn computer graphics. Originally, and I have nothing to do until the computer to install a buddy sent my father two pirated games. That year I was 4 years old. As you are now, my dad was also obsessed with the video games. I remember FIFA and a tank game. He played on the computer and I sat down with my mouth open. The deepest impression is that there is a paragraph called secret sneak, FPS, a little sense of cell division. That’s my first game in the real sense. My dad was estimated to be thinking about the development of my intelligence, right? May also be dead tired (the game a little more difficult) in my game life began "to go forward" W "mouse is your neck, that is to see, it is turned down, this is…" "Click the left button to shoot"……… I can’t forget the first time I shot AI in the game. Too damn exciting. Then is to learn FIFA and other strange now think I should spend a kind of when a happy childhood? Although it sounds quite avant-garde, but my father bones is still very conservative. So I happy game time with the increase of age, education, all sorts of things, is so far the most experience with you should almost ah parents secretly went to Internet cafes all wits ah ah. Also in the middle of a lot of things has happened, the cause of accident ah, unfortunately I entered a period of rebellion, parents feelings ah…… It’s all a long, boring story. All in all, my relationship with my father grew worse with time, especially after I had a fight with him a few years ago. In fact, now also reflect on their immature, really too naive. But sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Man really good trouble. Just the day before yesterday, I sat in the living room playing PS4 standing in the front of clock tower star moment full of confidence to their saw meat knife prepared by Ms. Maria do enchant. That’s when my dad came back from the outside. I’m sure he came to me "Wanwusangzhi". I even thought about how to choke him. He came up with the wind outside. Then "shooting game?" "…… What?" "The kind of gun firing""…… "I play my face Meng force changed to cod12, this is my only single player FPS games" what is this?" "Cod12" "what is cod?" "On the call of duty" "out of 12?" "For a long time before playing over a generation, several American soldiers came for a westerner to tell the truth I was feeling… It’s very complicated and difficult to use the word相关的主题文章: