Fuzhou, a sudden collapse of the square ceiling business hours fortunately no one injured actv

A sudden collapse in Fuzhou square ceiling Business Hours fortunately no one hurt suddenly falling below the ceiling, is selling jewelry counters (Network) channel network September 19th news (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Kunwen (micro-blog) Huang Qipeng) yesterday morning, a lot of friends broke the news, "Fuzhou Cangshan Wanda Department Store" where the ceiling collapsed. In the morning just business, no one was injured. Yesterday afternoon, Cangshan Wanda stakeholders responded that the collapse of the ceiling, the outsourcing of Cangshan Wanda fire maintenance company staff, without permission to climb to the mall, to the ceiling in the interlayer, the cause of the accident. Suddenly fall below the ceiling is gold counters users send pictures from the scene can be seen, the collapsed area of about 5 square meters, has a hole in the ceiling, with a steel part reclining on the ground. Users also took a video, video display, the incident area is located in the department store gold jewelry area, next to the counter, there are two salespeople. Net friend said yesterday at 10 am, when Wanda Department just opened the door, he suddenly heard boom sound, was found to be near the ceiling of the gold jewelry area collapsed. At that time, the sound is very large, but fortunately no one in the Department store." Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Cangshan Wanda Department Store on the first floor, the scene has been "upgraded" the curtain around the block, can not see inside the case. Wanda: the punishment to the construction personnel yesterday afternoon, Fuzhou Wanda Commercial Property Management Co., Ltd. Cangshan branch stakeholders responded that yesterday morning 10 am, Cangshan Wanda Department Store on the first floor of the jewelry District ceiling collapse, fortunately did not hit people, the reason is the outsourcing of fire maintenance company workers without market permission, dissection operation unauthorized access to the ceiling and the ceiling. "Because the workers do not know every place in the interlayer bearing, leads to a ceiling collapse." "This time, although the construction workers are not injured, but the provisions of the market can not be in the business during the construction, so the construction staff will also face severe punishment within the company. In order to ensure the safety of guests, at present the relevant area closed construction." The relevant person said. (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: