From the ashes of the historical echo — write 85 anniversary of the outbreak in the 918 incident on

From the ashes of the historical echo — write 85 anniversary of the outbreak in the "918 incident" on the occasion – Beijing, Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Shenyang in September 18 from the ashes of the historical echo — write 85 anniversary of the outbreak in the "918 incident" on the occasion of the Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Yang 85 years ago today, Japanese army launched a brutal 918 "incident". The Chinese nation to the most dangerous time! 14 years since the war began. The number of Chinese people still grappling with the invaders, the ruined house to relieve difficult, desperate. Over the past 85 years, ended long ago, but still in the alarm bells ringing. People hear a nation refused to forget the oath, see is a national Dili footsteps, feel is a nation born towards the great rejuvenation of the vitality. As general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, let us remember the great truth revelation in history: the victory of justice! Peace will prevail! The people will win! In order to human justice, humiliation and misery should not be forgotten in September 18th 918 Shenyang History Museum Square in front of more than 1000 as residual monument calendar, social people from all walks of life stood quietly. Do not forget to hit the bell being held here in 918 police ceremony. This seat has suffered humiliation, now the city of skyscrapers, for 20 consecutive years in such a way that the mind cannot bear to think of the past history: that is, a nation will never forget the memory. At the age of 94, the Eight Route Army veterans Wang Enpu came, his chest hung a 70 anniversary of the victory medal. However, the octogenarian excited: "when playing Japs, many comrades were killed." "Let the children remember the history!" M Yi Shuo twenty-eight high school students in Shenyang city. "Young strong China strong!" She said, as the young generation, we should not forget the history, to study hard to serve the country. The meaning of 14 years of heavy alarm bells distant, sharp across the sky, as if the time of solidification. In the reality and the history of the dialogue, people’s thoughts fixed in that used as residual monument calendar, carved on the calendar: September 18, 1931. The night of 18 September 1931 22 PM, the Japanese army blew up the Shenyang wicker Lake near the South Manchuria Railway, Fanwu China army, was stationed in Beidaying flagrantly attacked the Northeast army. Since the implementation of the Northeast Army of the national government’s policy of non resistance, the city of Shenyang in the morning will fall. In less than half a year, the fall of the northeast. Dramatically, then come. The captain then Northeast Army independent seventh brigade sergeant Li Shugui wrote in his memoirs: (in the city) some people were Japanese soldiers with bayonets to pick up dead in bed, some people rushed out, Japanese soldiers still chasing shot. In each as residual monument calendar, Chinese emotions are intense and complex: feel sad and injustice is not against humiliation, anger and hatred for the Japanese aggression. This year "918" on the eve of the 85 year old Li Changtai came to Shenyang, old haunt revisit. 60 years ago, he served as a defense lawyer for Japanese war criminals, in the Shenyang special military court for the three Japanese war criminals in accordance with the law to defend. "Know what is conquered!相关的主题文章: