From the 58 market after the split, he seize 3-4 million people in the flexible labor market –

From the 58 market after the split, flexible labor market – he seize 3-4 million people in the Sohu. The science and technology small table new media reporter Zhou Xiaoyan, editor of He Bin in the United States and Japan, flexible employment groups respectively occupy about 38% of the population and 40%, if this ratio for China, can cover 3 ~ 400 million part-time recruitment the field is still not yet out of a dragons and fishes jumbled together, to capture the user’s mental company arrived in Beijing eight dimensional Research Institute, Pumianerlai respectively in the two lions gate around, dignity is considered. In the history of the school year, the three gathering market and the deep roots of Enterprises — the second-hand car, and seeds bucket meters part-time. They are in the same city and Ganji after the merger, Yao Jinbo and Yang Haoyong hand manipulator spin off project. Zhao Shiyong is responsible for the bucket part-time. Why do product recall from the switch to lead a team of independent entrepreneurs, Zhao Shiyong think all of this is it. He was responsible for the cover classification information in the Ganji internal recruitment market in all walks of life, and the study found that the current market is carved up full-time field: recruitment of high-end market headhunting, talent market in the end is Zhaopin and future worries, Internet recruitment vertical pull hook net has been out of Boss and direct hire. While part-time recruitment field is still not yet out of a dragons and fishes jumbled together, to capture the user’s mental company. Analysis of the part-time job market, Zhao Shiyong noted that flexible employment (there is no need to sign a labor contract with the business needs of the crowd) is a huge cake. In the United States and Japan, flexible employment population accounted for 38% of the population and about 40%, if the proportion of China, it can cover up to 3 ~ 400 million. But for the enterprise, but often can not recruit the right person; for the user, often can not find a suitable position, it is difficult to distinguish the true and false online recruitment information. For example, companies need to find security, exhibitions, etiquette service, name card distribution, venue layout and so on, but this is often a part-time employment sub layers, the enterprise cost budget in part-time employment in nearly half of the intermediary annex, and it is difficult to guarantee the income of part-time staff. Information asymmetry between supply and demand, Zhao Shiyong think, may wish to find a business in which, for the user to find the real part-time information. So, the establishment of a bushel of rice part-time labor and employment idea came into being, through the accumulation of data with users, efficiently matching the needs of both sides, and to provide job seekers with standardized management with SaaS system online, provides the execution plan for enterprise. In October this year, part-time bucket meters completed $40 million B round of financing, the investor is a capital, Tencent, Baidu, new hope group, Gao Rong capital and capital of Blue Lake. M m part-time APP half step innovation more than and 10 years of product research and development and operational experience, the impact of Zhao Shiyong’s far-reaching. First, let Zhao Shiyong attention to the point of becoming thinner. After the venture, Zhao Shiyong’s eyes became more sinister, other employees do not see the clues, but Zhao Shiyong could see the words on the printed book is printed askew, in order to prove that he was not wrong, even with a ruler.相关的主题文章: