Freshman boys to help his roommate to carry the luggage lung blew the lungs were compressed 80%-

Big boys help roommate luggage "lung fried" lungs are compressed 80%- Beijing Metropolis Daily News Metropolis Daily News (reporter correspondent Zheng Jingjing Shi Weiwei) yesterday, freshman Chen (of surname) to help students with the luggage, back and forth a few times to load and climb the stairs, suddenly appeared out of breath symptoms. After sending a medical examination is suffering from spontaneous pneumothorax, that is usually said that the "lung burst", after the surgery, Chen Zhuanwei. 18 year old Chen is a freshman, height 1 meter 8 but weighs only 55 kg. Yesterday, enthusiastic help his roommate luggage down several times after, suddenly turned pale, also appeared breath symptoms, the rest ten minutes is still not improved. Roommate quickly contact with the teacher, he will be sent to Wuhan Wuchang hospital. Doctor Chen hurried to do inspections, found to be spontaneous pneumothorax. Chen lung bullae rupture, causing the air into the pleural cavity into the lungs, it is these gas compression to the lungs, breathing difficulties. Said the popular point, is "lung fried". The hospital department of general surgery deputy chief physician Hou Xiuqiang director, because Chen lung has been compressed by 80%, some serious, the minimally invasive surgery lung gas drainage, the current situation is good. Hou director reminded that every year during the opening of the military training will have a student pneumothorax. He said, pneumothorax preference for thin type boys, they mostly flat chest, once the sudden strenuous exercise or sudden change of position, is easy to make the alveolar pressure suddenly increased, leading to alveolar rupture. He suggested that students especially tall men usually don’t play computer, to strengthen physical exercise, strengthen nutrition intake, avoid sudden strenuous exercise, once the breath and other symptoms, should immediately seek medical treatment.相关的主题文章: