French nongdai return to neutral positions 1.14 line is selling situation in Europe-musiland

French nongdai: return to neutral positions situation 1.14 line is selling Europe FX168 news Credit Agricole (Credit Agricole CIB) foreign exchange strategist team pointed out that the euro by buying the sought after in the past few weeks from time to time, and not by the European Central Bank in March (ECB) may take further easing action. Market sentiment aversion may play an important role in finding the underlying reasons for the rise in the euro. Taking into account the euro short positions after the accumulation of deep, therefore influence the movement of funds or have obvious, but now, the euro positions came to a relatively neutral level, so the central bank’s monetary policy stance or will become more powerful driving factors of exchange rate. The ECB needs to pay attention to the change in inflation expectations, and the 5 year inflation swap has fallen to multi-year lows, which seems to have little effect on Delaki’s clear easing stance. We believe that the above 1.1314 line will be unsustainable, and the downward risk of inflation will strengthen the possibility that the ECB will adopt a "pigeon accident", which is quite different from that of December last year. With respect to the euro position, Piotr Matys, the Forex strategist at the Holland Cooperation Bank (Rabobank), also evaluates the latest IMM net speculator positions. He pointed out that speculators also further cut their short positions on the euro, because the market is expected to decline rapidly this year, the Fed raised interest rates. Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen acknowledged that since the Commission raised interest rates for the first time in December last year, a lot has happened in the last ten years since December". The latest trend, the euro dollar rebounded to 1.1127, but the U.S. market closed in North America, the exchange rate fluctuations narrow. The exchange rate is still blocked by around 1.1160, forming short-term resistance. But the exchange rate may continue to rebound, short-term decline is due to weakness. Hour chart technical indicators from oversold level rebound, but the exchange rate is far lower than the average 20 hours, 200 hours and 100 line wear line, that may be the only repair rebound. 4 hour chart 20 cycle line is far higher than the current price, technical indicators fell close to lose momentum, oversold levels also support short-term rebound. However, the exchange needs to stabilize above 1.1200 to continue to rebound, and below 1.1120 will turn down. Beijing time 8:11, Euro dollar 1.1174. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

法国农贷:欧 美头寸形势回归中性 1.14一线是卖点   FX168讯 法国农业信贷(Credit Agricole CIB)外汇策略师团队指出,欧元在过去数周时不时受到买盘追捧,并没有受3月份欧洲央行(ECB)可能采取后续宽松行动的影响。如果要找寻欧元上涨的背后动因,市场风险厌恶情绪主导的头寸调整可能是重要一环。   考虑到欧元空头头寸此前堆积深重,因此相关资金动向的影响还是有其明显的,然而眼下,欧元头寸来到相对中性的水平,因此央行的货币政策立场或将成为更为有力的汇价驱动因素。   欧洲央行方面,需要留意的是通胀预期的变化,5年期通胀掉期跌至了多年低位,似乎对德拉基明确的宽松立场没有太大的反应。   我们认为,1.13 14一线上方将是难以维持的,通胀越发明显的下行风险将强化欧洲央行采取鸽派意外的可能性,这和去年12月的情形完全不同。   对于欧元头寸形势方面,荷兰合作银行(Rabobank)外汇策略师Piotr Matys也对最新的IMM净投机者仓位做出评估。他指出:   投机者也进一步削减他们押注欧元的空头头寸,因市场对于美联储今年提高利率的预期迅速衰落。上周美联储主席耶伦承认“自委员会在去年12月首次上调了利率在近十年12月以来发生了很多”。   最新走势方面,欧元 美元跌至1.1127后反弹,不过北美时段美国市场休市,汇价窄幅波动。汇价依然受阻于1.1160附近,构成短期阻力。不过汇价可能继续反弹,因短期跌势呈疲态。   小时图技术指标自超卖水平反弹,但汇价远低于均线,20小时线下穿100和200小时线,暗示反弹可能仅为上修。4小时图20周期线远高于现价,而技术指标失去下跌动能,接近超卖水平,也支持短期反弹。不过汇需企稳于1.1200上方才能继续反弹,而跌破1.1120则将转跌。   北京时间8:11,欧元 美元报1.1174。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: