Freeze spray shooting tutorial impatient if you really do invictus gaming

Freeze spray shooting tutorial impatient if you really do one day the replacement of mobile phone wallpaper for father, found a group of water droplets solidified instant photo. I do not feel that the author of photography is amazing, but my father thought it was very beautiful, it is set to download. This photo seems to be an ordinary person’s eyes are very unique, after all, with the naked eye cannot capture this moment, and many friends will think to take this photo is very professional. Yes, major! It’s time to prove yourself! I would like to tell you how to simply shoot such a group of photos, so that the friends around to praise your photography. First, the author used in ready to shoot the shot in the APS-C SLR camera, using the top hot shoe flash collocation. The lens is selected on the basis of a dish of water depending on the size of the 50mm, F 1.8 fixed focus lens of fixed focus lens of reason is better, and the focal length of 50mm has a certain sense of perspective picture compression (35mm equivalent focal length of 75mm), and also can maintain a certain distance between water droplets (say so much, the ultimate reason it is because this is the cheapest of the original fixed focus lens, will not let me) have the opportunity to drip wet lens. Select the standard fixed focus lens is relatively appropriate to ask the students, the cell phone shooting in the end OK?! First of all, I will not say directly. If you are in an open environment, the environment is absolutely sufficient light, it is possible to capture the drop of water droplets and drops in the water ripples on the moment. But I still feel that you immediately shoot out, the picture can not be shocking beauty. On the one hand, the outside of the water droplets need high-speed shutter shutter, and secondly, the flash is to make the water droplets, background and the water surface to form a strong contrast between the three. If you really only have a cell phone, then I am sorry, I do not recommend that you try this test. In addition, you need the bag ready to hang in about one meter high place, and to open a small hole, can make water can have the same interval time fall. Prepare with SLR camera, flash and open water tiny hole is needed in order to reduce the end frequency drops three feet? In fact, many people have suggested the use of three tripod to shoot, the purpose is to stabilize the image, but also can reduce the weight of the burden of hand-held camera. But in fact, I do not recommend the use of three tripod. The reason is the use of flash rapid solidification moment do not need to consider the image of the problem is not clear, the second is to find the visual impact of the shooting angle is very important, so the hand-held camera can make its own mobile power MAX UP. Two, shooting stage is one of the most test of patience. It is not difficult, but to shoot the perfect moment is very lucky. I use the flash fast back, so a second shot is no problem. If you are using no quick flash back ability does not matter, but a longer time interval, a lower efficiency. Use manual flash mode!相关的主题文章: