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His ex-wife in marriage borrow soccer gambling university professor "liability" 6 million – Beijing failed marriage "heaven" debt, only Li Changtian and son. Editor’s note: "24" implemented since April 1, 2004, has reached twelfth years. For the debts of the couple, the "24" is the first to assume that the couple’s debts in the duration of the marriage relationship are the common debts, so the disputes arising from the theoretical circles to the practical circles have not been settled. Especially with the development of economy, the relationship between marriage and personal property has become a serious problem. To this end, the Chengdu daily news launched a series of reports, focusing on "24". (to protect the privacy of the parties, the Li Changtian, Wang Fengying is a pseudonym) (Chengdu Daily reporter Zhang Bingyao respondents for map) law "the Supreme People’s Court on the application of (People’s Republic of China marriage law) interpretation of several issues (two)" twenty-fourth creditors during the marriage, the spouses debts owed by individuals claiming rights and it should be handled by the conjugal debt. However, the husband and wife can prove that the creditor and the debtor expressly agreed as personal debt, or to prove that the marriage law belongs to the nineteenth paragraph of the provisions of the third paragraph. Li Changtian, a professor at the Guangxi University For Nationalities, and his ex-wife, who were in danger of marriage, divorced in December 21, 2015 because of a lack of affection for the country in. However, since January of this year, Lee began to receive a variety of long day noisy information. He simple statistics, his ex-wife Wang Fengying to a total of 32 individuals, 7 small loan companies and 3 banks a total debt of more than 600, "I don’t know these borrowing behavior." As the debt is mainly formed during the two marriage relationship, which means that Li Changtian will likely be jointly and severally liable. The case has entered the proceedings seems to confirm this possibility. There are now 3 lenders filed a lawsuit. Two of them were found to be jointly and severally liable, and Li Changtian filed an appeal. The other has not yet been decided. More lenders are still watching. "Debt" pain his ex-wife Li Changtian became a run away, the object, once he appeared in the campus, will gather around a help debt. No, he resigned from the vice president and other administrative duties, but also moved home. 1 struggle in 1977, Li Changtian was born in Guangxi, Fengshan, a peasant family. Guangxi is located in the northwest of Fengshan is a poor county. My father is sick, can not do heavy work, during the study, Li Changtian’s tuition and living expenses mainly from the mother mountain mushrooms, bamboo shoots and grandma pig income. Zhongshan University Anthropology Graduate School, Li Changtian became a teacher of Guangxi University For Nationalities School of Ethnology and sociology. At present, Li Changtian is a professor and supervisor of masters, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission on ethnic problems of outstanding young experts, Guangxi high school outstanding young teachers, the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone in Guangxi outstanding young professional and technical personnel. Since July 2013, Li Changtian was appointed Vice President of the school and National Museum curator. Has published two monographs and translations of published more than 10 papers."相关的主题文章: