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Foreign media: Chongqing is how to manage the prices of the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants Stocks – 28 am Beijing time, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that in most of the big city Chinese, because government restriction measures in recent weeks a sharp decline in housing sales. But in one of the municipalities of Chongqing, housing sales are still booming, exaggerated marketing practices continue to prevail. Chongqing is one of the few big cities that have not taken any measures recently. Buyers and sellers and analysts agree that the Chongqing real estate market to maintain a slow but steady growth, mayor Huang Qifan denied that he is a micro management, strictly control the developers. The 64 year old Huang Qifan in 2001 to Chongqing City Office, before his most famous achievement in Shanghai is responsible for the Financial District of Pudong development and construction, now Pudong has some of the world’s most expensive residential and office buildings. Wang Qinglin, a real estate agent in Chongqing, said: "Mayor Huang is developing Yubei District into the next Pudong. But here you can buy a house at a price of 10 thousand yuan per square meter. Pudong’s real estate is at least four times the price." Yubei District is a district north of downtown Chongqing. Huang Qifan is known as the "airborne" cadres, that is, the trust by the higher authorities, the central government suddenly assigned to local officials as an important post. Huang Qifan may be an important position in the economic field in Beijing, he won the name of policy experts, thanks in large part to his excellent management of the real estate market in Chongqing. Jones Lang LaSalle (Jones Lang LaSalle) Chongqing analyst Sherry Li said: "Huang Qifan was careful to control the housing market. This year the local government to take measures to reduce the (real estate) inventory, and delayed the introduction of two major projects, thus maintaining a low volume of transactions." So in the other big city prices soaring, Chongqing prices rose slightly. September average residential price of only 7000 yuan per square meter, up from the previous quarter rose by 3%, while the same period in Shanghai prices rose nearly 20% to $45 thousand per square meter. Since early 2015, Chongqing house prices rose by about 10%, Shanghai rose by 40%. Huang Qifan’s policy in order to take control of the main developers. In late September a government meeting, Huang Qifan announced plans to close 1500 "shell" generally refers to the Real Estate Company, and the real estate industry in independent companies. "These companies in a good situation, will be raising funds to engage in real estate, local media quoted Huang Qifan as saying". Outside Chongqing or Shanghai the only property tax levy and management of the city, the land auction tender requirements strictly, pay high auction deposit. This can prevent the emergence of the so-called "King" – out of the high price of land, and then use the value of the land was raised as collateral for loans. Huang Qifan also through the implementation of land ticket trading system to increase the supply of land – idle land (including abandoned arable land) indicators can be passed through the system 9相关的主题文章: