For the first time the relocation of Pudong Art Fair The climate does not suit one. icesword

For the first time the relocation of Pudong Art Fair from the author: Zhuang The climate does not suit one. week for the first time to move to the Expo exhibition of Shanghai Art Fair concluded yesterday, according to the official data, the volume has not decreased, but increased steadily, the total turnover reached 150 million yuan, compared to last year increased by about 8 million yuan. However, in addition to the enthusiasm of the audience, the exhibition gallery owners who are still in a process of adaptation, some new galleries reached the market is still in the ice period, is also frequently appear No one shows any interest in. Masters are still sought after according to the organizers, this year the Shanghai Art Fair for the twenty anniversary of the launch of a Daqing, the most important is to move, will be held from site to mart to the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. The museum has the international first-class professional facilities, the entire exhibition hall without pillars and concentrated in the same plane, all the panels used new panels 3.5 meters high, which also makes the art looks visually quite unified. As of 3 pm yesterday (5, closing) Ye Zhenmin’s sculpture "the dream" by several institutions to buy; art "EMI" theme exhibition launched south of the Five Ridges famous Chen Yongqiang painting is a buyers pursued, turnover of nearly 10 million; 50 pieces of card with art space of three artists, Chen Jiang, Sun Wei too home buyers are collections. 10 small sculpture gallery of Shanghai Grand Theatre agent of American artist Richard Macdonald is a collector bought all; painter Yu Zhongbao painting exhibition of 16 articles to be sold out, and there are many collectors in order of 6 pieces of his works; Bei into large oil paintings; cable all participating works with the three day beauty Gallery sold out within. For eight years Bourne exhibition of Contemporary Art Gallery 4 giant also announced the closing of abstract painting. The main is to adapt to the new gallery from Shanghai Mart moved into the Expo exhibition, the hardware has improved, but the main gallery, this change still requires a process of adaptation. Lord Zhang Zhidong Gallery continuously participated in the six session of the art fair itself is a painter, he also has a nearly 50 flat booth at this year’s Art Fair. He told reporters, at the beginning of the move when he was worried that the original buyers will not come? The brand effect will have to break? Fortunately, this year’s fair popularity is still quite busy here, Zhang Zhidong a lot of old customers patronize again. But Zhang Zhidong said the rise in rents also make them feel the pressure. Last year at the world trade center, 60 square meters of booth rent less than $100 thousand, and this year’s booth of 48 square meters, the rent has reached $110 thousand. Zhang Zhidong believes that the hardware can indeed enhance the price, but also need to follow up services, such as the first day into the exhibition hall, the weather is very cold, when the temperature dips, but the huge hall without air conditioning. The service staff at the scene is also a lack of service awareness, Zhang Zhidong said, in cleaning and cleaning, they want to borrow a broom is very difficult. In addition, Zhang Zhidong believes that the popularity seems quite prosperous, but he was worried about whether the number of professional audience and buyers in the reduction. This, the current can not be confirmed, but also need time to test..相关的主题文章: