Food Safety In .mercial

Food-and-Drink Consumers from all over the world are aware and more concerned with where their food .es from, how it is prepared and eating that food is safe and healthy or not. To reduce the risk and fear of your consumers there are some safety measures and tips that the .mercial kitchen administration should follow. To start with, your staff must be properly trained, rather certified, that is they must have the proper food safety knowledge because the health inspector can ask question to any of your staff regarding food safety, and if they fail to answer, your restaurant can be fined for showing improper safe food handling practises. Washing and cleaning your hands and food product is an important measure to reduce the risk of some cause like food poison. Some restaurants use plastic gloves every time they enter the kitchen. Also some food is not cooked before serving like salads, so washing food product can help to maintain the norms. Temperature is another factor that that is very crucial when dealing with food products. Things in refrigerators should be kept at a temperature at or below 40 degree Fahrenheit to minimize the bacterial growth. Also the food can only be stored to a certain time as it starts to go bad. While cooing food, the food must be cooked to a minimum internal temperature for at least 15-60 seconds to kill any bacterial presence. One must perform self inspection to confirm that all the food contact surfaces like cutting boards, pans, pots and utensils should be sanitized before and after they touch food items. Inspecting your establishments once a month will help you identify any food safety concerns. You can download a self health inspection form or ask your health inspector for some of their forms, so you know exactly what areas pose the greatest risk. Regularly checking the .mercial refrigeration every two hours helps to assure that the food inside is in good condition or not. The food inside the warming and holding equipment used for keeping prepared food like soups and buffets, it is important to maintain the food’s internal temperature above 140 degree Fahrenheit. Food .ing from your supply chain is the raw material used for cooking, must be checked for contamination. You must allow food products from approved sources. Ground beef must be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius). Using a digital food thermometer is crucial, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says, because research results indicate that some ground meat may prematurely brown before a safe internal temperature has been reached. On the other hand, research findings also show that some ground meat patties cooked to 160 F or above may remain pink inside for a number of reasons; thus the colour of meat alone is not considered a reliable indicator of ground beef safety. If eating out, order your ground beef to be cooked well-done. Temperatures for other foods to reach to be safe include: beef, lamb and veal–145 F (63 C) pork and ground beef–160 F (71 C) whole poultry and thighs–180 F (82 C) poultry breasts–170 F (77 C) Ground chicken or ground turkey–165 F (74 C). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: