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The central bank interest rate market focus on Hong Kong stocks rose more than 200 points – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in September 19, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan will announce interest rate decision under the background of Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index 19, Gaokaiyue 151 points to 23486 points, then continued to rise, the highest reached 23625, the day to close at 23550 points rise, about 215 points, an increase of 0.92%, the board turnover of HK $72 billion 504 million. The same day, 8 blue chips rose. China life rose 4.36%, led by blue chips; Huarun group, BELLE international, Hang Lung properties, and their letter increases more than 3%; the Chinese funded bank shares rose 2.07%, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of communications Chinese bank rose 1.85%, up 1.69%, Construction Bank rose 1.37%, BOC Hongkong fell 0.52%; Jinsha China fell 4.59%, the largest decline Mengniu Dairy; fell 2.98%; other blue chip shares fell less than 1% decline. State-owned enterprises index rose 1.58%, the red chip index rose 1.25%. Yongfeng financial group said that the upcoming US interest rate decision, although the halt the troops and wait high expectations, but there are still uncertainties, all kinds of material asset volatility increase, have to be careful. Fortune Securities chief He Zhiming said, Hong Kong stocks after a round of adjustments to the low signs of stabilization, watching the market this week FOMC and Hong Kong stocks through reopening after amount of usage, the expected short-term to continue in the 23300 to 23800 level falls. Guotai Junan Securities (Hongkong) Co. Ltd., said that the Fed rate hike in September is expected to lower the chance, but the better inflation figures for the hike in the end to provide sufficient motivation. In the United States interest opportunity under the background of uncertainty, Hong Kong stocks significantly recently taking, the Hongkong market is expected in recent rangebound. (end)相关的主题文章: