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Sports-and-Recreation If you are new to fly fishing then you may find some good information in these fly fishing Instructions. Do not think that fly fishing is something that has been around for only a couple of hundred years; in fact people have been fly fishing since Roman times. Dry fly fishing is one of the most exciting types of fishing than anyone can experience. It takes quite a bit of practice to learn how to get the line and the fly just where you want it, which will be discussed shortly. People who fly fish are called anglers. You can fly fish on every kind of water, rivers/streams, lakes and even salt water. You should try fly fishing in freshwater before you try to tackle catching saltwater fish. Saltwater fish are larger and it takes an entirely different set up for saltwater equipment. Everything that is used in salt water has to be corrosion resistant, even the flies. Fly fishing equipment is much different than what you are use to with other types of fishing. The fly rod is usually around 9 feet long and they .e with different stiffness. The fly real doesn’t look at all like the types of reels that you are use to either. There is no bell, nor is there a ring like the casting reels for bass. The fly line is made with a plastic coating and will be much heavier than line for other types of reels. The line however, is tied to a leader at the end and the fly is attached to the leader. A leader is a short piece of line which is used to catch the fish on. Instead of breaking the regular line the leader will break instead. Leaders are usually made with stronger line than the line on the fly reel. Ok now it’s time to teach you how to hold your fly rod and the line. You may want to try this on land using a circle of some sort to aim your fly at. First put something circular down and stand approximately 20 feet away from it. Pull about 8 feet of line off of the fly reel and with your rod arm use the index finger to pinch the line tightly. With the line in your other hand lift the tip of the fly rod up and swing the line in a circular motion above your head and shoulders releasing a little more line until you think you can reach the circle. After a couple of times practicing you should be good enough to get the line in the circle. As you get better you should move the circle under some low hanging tree limbs and try to get the line in the circle and not in the tree limbs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: