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UnCategorized Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance where the arts and sciences boomed into yet unknown proportions; the stronghold of the Medicis who were the most important family in all of human history because of their contributions to the arts and to exploration; the home of numerous poets like Dante and Petrarch, famed architects like Filippo Brunelleschi, world explorers like Amerigo Vespucci, pioneering scientists like Galileo and then-radical political scientists such as Machiavelli. Indeed, if there is a city worth spending a holiday in for its cultural, artistic and architectural wonders, then Florence rules the pack in Europe and the rest of the world. Not even the most cleverly-crafted marketing hype can adequately describe the beautiful city of Florence. And yet so many still try simply because it is a city that brings out the fire in the heart of visitors – its Italian name of Firenze, after all, sounds so much like fire in the English language. But before setting a blazing path to Florence, we suggest booking a holiday apartment first preferably through an online reservations site. There are many types of ac.modations available from the backpacker hostel to the ritziest hotels with magnificent views of the city. No matter the budget, the traveler is assured that Florentine generosity will manifest itself. Then and now, Florence is on a fiery path of economic development so much so that while it is recognized as a beautiful medieval city on one hand, it is also an almost frenetically busy business center in its part of Europe on the other hand. Such is the diversity of activities to do, places to see and people to meet that Florence was, is and will never be a boring city for travelers, much less for its justifiably proud residents. Let’s start the holiday with visits to the Florentine past. Museums and art galleries abound in the city although it is the Uffizi that attract the most visitors while the buildings themselves are architectural wonders in their own right. See Renaissance art works in their full glory from the likes of renowned artists like Michelangelo, Donatello and Ammannati while the relics from great scientists like Galileo are displayed, too. Other places to see are the Medici palaces, medieval churches and ornate bridges as well as green parks and charming piazzas. Florence, after all, rivals Venice when it .es to the beauty in its waters and in its landscapes. And while you are on holiday in Florence, we also suggest dressing up as best as possible. Florentines love their beautiful city and truly make the effort to .plement it. As a visitor, you should pay the same respects as the residents themselves. In doing so, the fire in your heart for Florence will be kept alive well after your holiday has ended. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: