Fan Bingbing worked too hard, only 2 to 3 times a few times (video)

Fan Bingbing worked too hard, simple travel times only 2 to 3 times the Tencent Fan Bingbing entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Fan Bingbing is more successful, one degree of suction gold figure in entertainment circle, coupled with Li Chen’s affair and she is reputed to be a winner in life. But in fact this is all her hard work in exchange for Fan Bingbing as a guest on a TV show on the show, asked about the travel times of life, she did not think it is very want to avoid the questions, because Fan Bingbing was stunned said "2 to 3 times!" Shocked the audience. On the show, her designer friends Zhang Shuai suddenly asked "life travel a few times to swim?" I did not expect this let Fan Bingbing very uncomfortable, and said here is "because the number of tourist’s work and travel, so she reluctantly said" too bad, cannot bear to think of the past!" Finally frankly really simple rest, 2, 3, too little too little." The answer to the presence of many people heard Fan Bingbing was terrified, but the workaholic, though she didn’t have a chance to travel to relax too often, but she also previously said in the rest of the time mostly in the mask, let people exclaim "goddess is such raised." Fan Bingbing Tanabata foul dog abuse! Zero has not yet opened the sun rose相关的主题文章: