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Software Before the production of software and information technologies had be.e widely used, quality has long been matched with physical objects or systems, such as automobiles, tools, radio receivers, television receivers and others. Due to this fact, quality assurance is often associated with the production process. The emphasis is on ensuring that products meet their requirements. Moreover, these requirements often .e with the end-products in order to give customers or users opportunity to test them for .pliance. For instance, in the manual on the use of stereo equipment their technical requirements are often .piled according to physical measurements, total harmonic distortion, frequency response or some other relevant data. Since a lot of points in the technical requirements of the product are .piled according to the ranges and acceptance limit of errors, deviations decrease in production has been the place where the statistical quality control may focus. Problems associated with quality are synonymous to discrepancy to technical requirements or observed errors caused by this discrepancy. For instance, the typically used initial quality for vehicles can be determined as the average number of reported errors per 100 automobiles by owners during the first 3 years of using car based on actual survey results. One more typically used quality measure for vehicles, reliability, is calculated by a number of problems over a longer period of time for different phases of the existence of a vehicle. Thats why, it is usually considered to be the most important measure of quality for used automobiles. During the development of services appears new point of view about quality. It is that business has to adapt to dynamic changing expectations of consumers focusing on quality control which is changed from zero defect in products to zero defection of consumers. Clients loyalty due to their .mon experience of working with the service is more important than just .pliance with established standards and technical requirements. Software industry has brought together the correspondence and official views on the quality, and software with high quality can be determined by such major elements as .pliance, adaptability and innovation. This view generally shares many beliefs about the quality of software that have been described above. There are many reasons to change the point of view about the quality and other areas of quality assurance concentration. For instance, the main hypothesis of the physical restrictions, integrity, .position and de.position, and others cannot be developed more or displayed in the shifting world of software. 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