EU diplomatic representative EU to ensure that the parties to the Iranian nuclear agreement to imple

EU diplomat: EU Hebei ensure that the Iranian nuclear agreement the parties to fulfill the new network protocol in November Beijing – in 14, according to the 14 Russian satellite network reported that the EU foreign policy chief Federica Mo Guerrini said that the EU wants to ensure that the Iranian nuclear agreement the parties to fulfill the agreement, this position will not change in the United States after the presidential election. "When it comes to Iran, this is not a bilateral agreement," Mo Guerrini said in response to a question about the future of the Iranian nuclear agreement after the election of President Trump. This is a multilateral agreement recognized by the UN Security Council resolution." According to her, "the EU hopes that the United Nations, at the same time, hopes that the agreement will be fully implemented within the entire ten year period." She said: "we and myself have a special role in ensuring that the parties perform the agreement. Of course, the EU has hope. We think this is one of the key issues that will not change." "The EU’s interests are clear on key issues, including climate change agreements, the implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, nuclear non-proliferation and refugees," she said. Iran and international mediation six party in July 14, 2015 to solve the nuclear issue for many years to reach a historic agreement on Iran. The protracted negotiations finally passed the joint comprehensive action plan. Through the implementation of the plan, the United States, the United Nations Security Council and the European Union will withdraw its economic and financial sanctions against Iran in return for the peace of Iran’s nuclear program test.相关的主题文章: