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Energy-saving water melee Karen Mok Xi Mengyao actually "dozen" – Sohu " " entertainment; energy-saving; water melee   Sohu Entertainment – "we have come to the" this Friday will be staged seductive and playful "pool wars", the sisters wearing a swimsuit appearance, the scene is very warm. Sheenah, Joe Chen, Xi Mengyao, have Karen Mok, Angie Chiu and Carina Lau into the water, for each other and collective hard balloons. Love to kill Xi Mengyao and Karen Mok again entangled together, two people in the water melee, hilarious play". Xi Mengyao turned off machine water fighter "dogfight" Karen Mok in the program, also launched six to attack the layout of the balloon round, Karen Mok a beautiful gesture of diving into the water, with long legs long hand advantage, will lead all the members in the first time, the first to reach the water table. As she reached to beat each other’s balloon burst, appeared to be the moment of success, "tiger" Xi Mengyao suddenly appeared, she turned to the girl "from behind a picked up Karen Mok, she took from the table to make Karen Mok cry. Two people struggling to melee in the water, Karen Mok tried to swim back to the table, but was "strong girl" more hold more far, while Xi Mengyao had shouted: "Karen, I am your fan!" Two "?" provoke hilarious. Karen Mok struggled to round tour, Xi Mengyao was "insatiable", directly on the mouth to kiss the idol, Karen Mok quite helpless, but it is difficult to conceal the smile like enjoying the passionate fans, the scene is quite strange and interesting. "Strong girl" love bear hug Karen Mok escape "claws" Xi Mengyao is not only a large appetite, do not eat fat or thin, a bear hug "to the girl". Some netizens comment on her: it seems that the food did not turn into fat, all into strength!" Xi Mengyao lively love to laugh, a word on the play Popeye style, the guests started bear hold skills, Karen Mok is the object of the bear holding the Xi Mengyao. This is not the first time Xi Mengyao had melee pool play "vigorously" function, the Chengdu Railway Station in the panda base, in order to prevent Karen Mok and Wang Han, Sheenah, Xi Mengyao had a "water" picked up Karen Mok, so that she could not close to his teammates, Karen Mok was holding completely unable to move. The guests have already looked terrified, "vigorously girls" name ". "Energy-saving" to contribute this season all the big legs of welfare, two people stand together, full of a beautiful landscape. When the "big girl" met "love song", two people will be exposed to what kind of spark? On Friday 20:20 Hunan TV "we come", will offer welfare controlled legs!相关的主题文章: